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Professional Services

Use our passion and expertise to ensure the smooth management of your cashless project. As we live, breathe, eat and sleep cashless our professional services have customter success at their heart. We understand the hurdles and how to get over them and we understand that going cashless can feel like a big change, so we'll be with you every step of the way to make sure you can reach your goals.

Technical Capability

Our technical guys are brilliant (even though we say so ourselves). They have to be well qualified to make the grade at MonitorIT and this is because we understand that you want the reassurance of dealing with experts. From our software developers in New Zealand to our first line support we are 100% customer focussed.
With a philosphy of giving our customers what they need - we listen, learn and respond with regular updates and releases, meeting customers demands. Using a 'fit and forget' mantra we know once the installation is completed you'll forget the solution is there - it will just do what it's supposed to and all you'll get are the benefits.

Project Management

We know going cashless typically involves consultation and negotiation not only with internal stakeholders but also with external ones (such as catering companies). Our project management team will be able to handle elements of this for you, acting as project ambassadors. We’ll work with the differing internal teams
(IT, finance, estates and facilities for example) to manage timescales, tasks, agree key milestones along with agreeing the project goals and taking on a coordinating role to ensure these are delivered within the agreed timeframe.  So all you have to worry about is enjoying your new cashless environment!

Integration Skills

As we believe the future is cashless we also know that to be truly cashless you have to be able to integrate various systems together to create the whole cashless experience. Our integration team are pretty good at this! So whether you need to pull data in from AD, SIMS or a MIS no problem, if you want to integrate your cashless solution with door access or your print management system, no problem.
How about integration with time and attendance – yup we can do that too. Using our technical skills you can pretty much have one card (or other identifier) that does everything you want, whether that’s paying for your sandwich, booking a room, opening a door, booking a sports hall….. We think you get the picture!
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