The cashless campus
Is becoming more of a reality
Whatever your business
It's time to use less cash
Go Cashless
with MonitorIT
And make life easier for your staff


Whatever your business reducing reliance on cash as a payment method is becoming increasingly more important.  The way we pay for goods and services is changing and your customers will expect you to offer them a choice of how to pay. Not only that cash is a burden on businesses, it’s expensive to insure, count, store, manage and transport. Not to mention how risky it is not only from a crime perspective but what about counterfeit notes? Isn’t it time you began your cashless journey?


The cashless campus is becoming more of a reality. Universities, colleges and schools are automating millions of transactions on campus to achieve reduced cash handling, improve security and be able to produce accurate management reports. Students and staff can pay for services and purchases from money in their account, accessed by ID card, user code or biometric identifier. A student (and staff)card can now be everything, an ID, library card, building access and charge card, all linked to one account that processes all activity.
Organisations can protect existing investments; using MonitorIT’s software allows seamless integration with most student information, financial, library and data networks for building access, tuition and fines amongst other things. So if you want to increase security by having less cash and less staff involvement, increase automation of high volume, low cost transactions and have a fully integrated system you should speak to us.

Public Sector

With the public purse under increasing pressure, you as managers need to deploy solutions that add real value, not only to your staff but to your customers too. Using the MonitorIT transaction management system is one way you can do this; whether it’s for managing PC/room/asset bookings, paying for library fines, charging for printing/photocopying or having cashless catering in all your canteens.  
Our solutions offer real benefits including reducing print waste, reducing cash handling, enforcing fair use policies and improved serving speeds in canteens. So whether you’re a local government office, hospital or police headquarters MonitorIT will be able to help you on your cashless journey.


We understand that anything that detracts from your core business activity can be a bit of a headache, whether that’s controlling your printing costs, booking a meeting room or running your staff canteen for example. But we also know these areas are important enablers for ensuring the smooth management of your business and they also play their part in staff retention and satisfaction. What you need is one solution that helps you manage some of these peripheral areas, making it easy for your staff to print
and if needed, charge printing to correct projects/clients or pay for their lunch using their ID card or for you to be able to manage your meeting room bookings smoothly. Using the MonitorIT cashless payment solutions your headaches will disappear!  You can start small and grow as you need or just go for the full solution from the start – whatever you want to achieve MonitorIT can help.  
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