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A message about cookies from MonitorIT Ltd
We value all of our website users and we would never give your information out to 3rd parties, ever. MonitorIT only use cookies for improving website performance and helping your interactions on our website, with cookies we ensure a better website experience for you.

The MonitorIT site uses 3 cookies. The cookies we use run for various periods, ranging from individual sessions, up until the end of the year. The cookies enable images, emails and underlying website functionality to run smoothly.

We have a Google Analytics cookie enabled that helps us to monitor website activity; this is a great tool that enables us to improve your website experience by monitoring what parts of the site get the most of the activity, and which parts get the least. These are session cookies.

If you are unhappy with MonitorIT using cookies to track website journey’s then please refer to your specific website browser’s help section on how to disable cookies.

Cookie information
  • Cookies are on most websites and they are small and harmless text files
  • Cookies maintain non-personal information such as login details, and basket details – these help speed up and simplify your website experience
  • They can’t and don’t track sensitive details like credit card information or personal details
  • Cookies don’t contain viruses, malware or anything that can harm your computer
Cookies are most commonly found in three formats, these being:
  • Session Cookie
    • These are simply cookies that last whilst you are on a certain website, these will usually get deleted after your visit to the website is complete. As mentioned above, these session cookies normally monitor purchases that you have added to a basket.
  • Persistent Cookies
    • These types of cookies have a set life span, and help webmasters track information about how you operate on a website. So if you are a new or returning visitor this will be tracked by a persistent cookie. If you have login details or certain website settings then this is something that will be monitored with a persistent cookie.
  • First and Third party cookies
    • First party cookies and third party cookies can be explained like this. All cookies have an owner which tells you who the cookie belongs to. The owner is the domain specified in the cookie. The word "party" refers to the domain as specified in cookie; the website that is placing the cookie. So, for example , if you visit example123 and the domain of the cookie placed on your computer is example123, then this is a first-party cookie. If, however, you visit example123 and the cookie placed on your computer says exampleabc, then this is a third-party cookie.
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