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The Digital Student – what do they expect?

The phrases digital campus and digital student are terms that are being used more and more in the higher education sector. But what do they mean?
Well there’s been a lot written on this topic – as a quick Google search shows, so rather than re-invent the wheel I’ll point you in the direction of one of the better pieces I came across.

Price Waterhouse Cooper, in their recent report, ‘The 2018 Digital University – Staying relevant in the digital age’, identify how those universities that embrace change and leverage the digital age will be more attractive to both domestic and overseas students, the report offers valuable insights in how organisations can develop organisation wide digital strategies and is well worth reading – click here

There is an important part of any university digital strategy that shouldn’t be overlooked, which is using the latest payment technologies. Obviously, as providers of cashless solutions, we’re bound to say that, but it totally makes sense – the digital student experience should encompass all elements of life on campus and shouldn’t be limited to only learning based activities (although these are obviously paramount). When a student’s day to day life around campus is easy to manage, learning outcomes benefit, students are no longer distracted by having to worry about having enough money on them, having one card for door access and one card for the gym and yet another card for catering. With a seamless cashless campus, that harnesses the latest payment methods, students have one ID that offers a common experience wherever and whatever they are doing, whether that is paying for printing, lunch, their laundry, library fines or buying tickets for a fresher’s event. The same ID can be used to gain access to buildings, or be used to register the student’s attendance at a lecture and you can even credit bursary payments to the account associated with the identifier

Taking it a stage further, by offering a mobile app or an online account, students can easily load or check their fund levels. In times of need (well the end of term can seem a long way off when you’re new to managing a budget) parents can top up their sons or daughters account. In addition, with an online ordering module, goods and services can be ordered and paid for in advance, things like art supplies or lunch as an example. If a student’s attendance is suffering or they are regularly late handing in assignments, messages can be communicated to them via the app and early interventions put in place.

If you would like to know more about how a cashless campus can contribute to your digital strategy please get in touch, call us on 01494 565666 or email solutions@monitorit.co.uk

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