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Crime around cash

Students can be seen as easy targets for criminals. See how embracing a cashless campus can help keep criminals away.
Students are often seen as easy targets for criminals, especially in their first year at university, as they experience life away from the safety and security of their parents and home environment. They often learn the hard way about taking care of their cash and other belongings.

You might not realise that 2.3 million students started university in 2015, figures from the Office of National Statistics show that 19% of these were victims of crime, ranging from burglary and violence to muggings and theft. Students, particularly international students, often seek out these figures as part of their research into their university choices so universities need to be actively working towards making their campuses much safer. One option they can consider is going cashless or at the very least reducing the amount of cash students need on campus.

Cash attracts crime, it is easy to conceal and has little traceability. It can be moved on relatively easily in small amounts without attracting attention. Cash creates temptation, who’s going to notice the odd £10 missing from a till, but those odd £10 can add up overtime. Cash fuels all kind of other crimes too, such as drug deals or the illicit purchase of weapons. Removing cash removes temptation and makes other criminal activity harder (sadly even going cashless won’t stop all illegal activities, just make it a bit harder)

Here at MonitorIT we’re great supporters of all things cashless and firmly believe that reducing the need for students to carry cash does contribute to their personal safety, it also benefits the campus and the staff who handle cash as part of their everyday jobs, by removing temptation, reducing the need to count and store takings. Your campus will save in insurance, transport and banking costs as well. Your finance teams will thank you, as they benefit from by having a centralised view of all campus transactions, no more managing multiple systems to extract information and refunding your departing students is so much easier as well.

There are so many reasons to become a cashless campus but if you want to be further convinced why not watch our video here. Alternatively, you can call us on 01494 565066 to discuss how we can help improve your campus.
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