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Why all organisations need print management

Do you know the cost of your organisation? In this weeks blog we discuss how print managment can help you see the true cost of printing and how it can save you money.

Do you really know the true cost of your organisations printing, we think it will probably be way more than you think, printing is one of those areas where costs can quickly run away with you, it’s been estimated that it could be as much as 3-5% of the annual turnover of a large organisation.

This is a staggering amount but more staggering is how many print jobs are simply left at the printer or thrown away; go take a look at the waste paper bin that is nearest to any of your printers to see for yourself.

Leaving aside the obvious detrimental environmental impact this has (the average employee wastes approx. 7000 sheets of paper a year and with each tree making about 3300 sheets of paper.. well you can do the maths), you will agree that there are significant financial benefits to be had by taking your printing in hand.

Typically, we would expect to see a reduction in your printing of between 20 and 50%, depending on your organisation, once you have deployed some print management software. These savings are achieved by having sensible print policies that are easy to enforce by using some simple rules, such as black and white printing only or enforcing duplex printing, you could also delete jobs over a certain size or by file extension.

You might also consider using print management software to educate your staff on the true cost of printing, by using a simple pop up message to let them know how much their printing will cost and asking them to confirm their acceptance of the cost ahead of printing.

Holding jobs in a queue so they are not automatically released is another great way to help reduce printing costs, users would authenticate themselves at the printer of their choice and release their held print jobs, the great advantage of this is they get a second chance to delete unwanted jobs.

We realise that print policies will vary from organisation to organisation but with a print management solution in place you have the option to customise rules and decide what works for you so users are not restricted but waste is minimised. You as the organisation have a clear view of who is printing, what they are printing, when and from which devices, this in turns give a greater understanding of just how much printing is costing your organisation.

If you would like to know more about Monitor Print either as a standalone solution or as part of a wider cashless environment, for example, a cashless campus. Please contact us by calling 01494 565066 or emailing solutions@monitorit.co.uk. If you aren’t ready to speak to us yet you can get more information here.

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