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3rd Party Integration - How you may ask?

Did you manage to read last week’s blog which was the ‘What’ and ‘When’ of our 3rd part integration… such as transport, visitors and contractors, attendance recording, access control, membership payments and payment of fees. Well this week we get a little more technical and show you how we do this!

You may have read last week’s blog which was the ‘What’ and ‘When’ of our 3rd part integration… such as transport, visitors and contractors, attendance recording, access control, membership payments and payment of fees.

This week we will be focusing on the nitty gritty of how our experts achieve this.

Integration with third party systems is achievable via multiple mechanisms:

1. SOAP Interface

Monitor’s Supervisor Net Core database has a powerful SOAP-based API, allowing for live communication with the system to query information and to make adjustments or record transactions.

The SOAP Interface provides methods for:
  • Primary (user) account creation/update/query
  • Secondary (departmental) account creation/update/query
  • Product information/update/creation
  • Transactions for both crediting and debiting of accounts
  • User authentication
…and many other functions.

Details of the SOAP interface for SupervisorNet can be made available if required – we would usually ask for an NDA to be signed prior to release of the specification. A license key is necessary in order to facilitate communication with the service; the cost varies depending on the application and functionality required.

2. Supervisor Import

The import application can be utilised to import data into the SupervisorNet database from a source file. The source data can include Microsoft Excel, or a delimited text file (e.g. CSV).

Information such as user or departmental accounts, transactions and products can be imported into the system in this way.

Columns within the source data can be mapped to data fields in the SupervisorNet system and the formats can then be defined (such as date fields, numbers, and text formats) and the replacement of text within strings can also be handled by the import process.

The import configuration can be stored to a template to facilitate the loading of data again in future if necessary.

3. Supervisor Export

The export application gives advanced users the facility to extract data from the SupervisorNet system – namely transactional information.

The software acts as a “query builder” and does require some knowledge of SQL and the table structure in order to obtain the correct data.

It can be used for producing reports in a specific format for importing in to other systems – such as finance or reporting tools, and handles a wide range of file formats such as Microsoft Excel/Access/Word, PDF, as well as plain text formats such as text or CSV. It can also be used to output SQL statements to be run against a 3rd-party database for the transfer of data.

Typically we utilise the Export tool to produce transaction statements which are automatically emailed to administrators or finance personnel to provide details of sales through the system.

The core benefit of this tool being that it provides a simple interface to extract the required data which can be saved to a template for use again in the future, and with customisable output format the data can be presented to non-technical users in a friendly file format.

4. Bespoke Integration

The SupervisorNet software has the ability to synchronise data from files or to import users from AD and we have years of experience in linking the MonitorIT software suite to other 3rd party systems. Most commonly we will synchronise with an existing user database – such as a school MIS or an HR database.

We can use this data to not only create user accounts, but to update them over time and to provide updates to balances or lock/unlock as necessary. We can also provide a facility known as “1-click card printing”, whereby if a user is provided with a new or replacement card their account is automatically transferred to the new card and their old one made redundant.

We can provide links back to finance systems for the reconciliation of budgets, and have experience in creating interfaces to other 3rd-party systems which use SupervisorNet to hold user accounts and transactions. 

Much of our development is carried out in-house or directly by the developers of the SupervisorNet software, so you can be assured that any integration work is carried out by an experienced team who understand the mechanisms and capabilities of the software.

If you missed last week’s blog why not check out our blog page now.

We really do hope you’ve enjoyed our second instalment of 3rd party integration but if you would like to know more about this or learn more about how you can start your journey to a cashless environment then why not contact our solutions team on 01494 565 066 or email solutions@monitorit.co.uk
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