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3rd Party Integration - What and when?

We can protect your previous investments and integrate with 3rd party suppliers, whether this be print & copy, access control, local transport or even local shops, our integration specialists are there to ensure your users have the best experience.

You may have heard us talk about our truly cashless campus… you may have also heard us say that we can protect your previous investments. You may be wondering what all this means and how we do this…

The secret to achieving this is our team of integration specialists; it’s this team that achieve that one card, one account and one solution for you, making life simpler for your users and protecting your existing infrastructure investments. 

Whether this is your investment in your print & copy software, access control solution, local transport or even agreements with local shops, our integration specialists are there to ensure your users have the best experience possible.

In this blog we’ll explain what we can integrate with, when it may be useful to integrate with these 3rd party solutions and in next week’s blog we’ll show you how our integrations team achieve this (our next blog is for all the techies out there!)

Check out the sub sections below to discover what we can integrate with and when integration can be used:-

Paying for transport for example is a great way to eliminate cash. We can achieve this by integrating with existing transport systems you may have in your area. Users’ journey details are exported and journey charges are then debited from their account. This can be done real-time via the SOAP interface, or updated periodically via an export file.
Visitors and contractors
MonitorIT can be used to record visitors and contractors site visits. The visitor or contractor receives a temporary card by creating an “account” for each individual. This card serves as an identifier for that person but also provides a means of making payments and using onsite facilities such as parking, gyms, meal allocation whilst onsite.

Attendance recording
Recording attendance is a really important feature as it can be useful for monitoring attendance to classes, appointments or examinations. It can also be utilised in situations where staff are required to check facilities – such as a security patrol which needs to check in at various locations, or for periodic checks of areas throughout the day, such as public toilets.
Access control
In some instances we can be the link to an access control solution – this would most commonly be used where a payment is made to access a facility such as a gym or car park.
Membership payments
Integration in this instance is used to integrate membership payments or validations. It can determine if a user is entitled to use a facility, the SupervisorNet database can be utilised to then provide a user with entitlement. It can be configured to expire at a certain date or can be based on a number of visits – making a “charge” to a user’s remaining allowance or visits. This can also be combined with a physical security element such as a turnstile.
Payment of fees
Other 3rd party systems that wish to track or charge users can also be integrated with the SupervisorNet core database. This could include payment of course fees or trips via an online portal, or even something as simple as displaying a user’s available funds on an intranet page.

Due to the expertise of our integration team we, of course, tailor the solution to fit you and your needs, so if you do have a third party solution we haven’t covered we would love to hear about it.

Now you know what we can integrate with and when this may be useful. Don’t forget to check into our blog page next week when we show how we do this, we show you the magic we use to make it all come together… Don’t miss it!

If you’d like to learn more about how you can start your journey to a cashless environment then why not contact our solutions team on 01494 565 066 or email solutions@monitorit.co.uk
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