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Will crime pay in a cashless society?

Would a cashless society help to eradicate crime? Find out how going cashless can make for a safer campus.
Whilst a cashless society won’t eradicate all crime it will certainly reduce certain types of crime, which can only be a good thing.

We can’t escape the fact that our reliance on cash is rapidly reducing with more and more consumers adopting contactless payments and mobile wallets to pay for everyday low value purchases, this also means people carry less cash on them so their personal safety improves and a random mugging won’t be a source of instant cash for a petty criminal.

Cash fuels other crimes, violent robbery of banks or shops, cash is the preferred payment method for most drug dealers or those selling illegal firearms – as the cash in circulation reduces so will criminal’s ability to anonymously pay for their drugs or guns. Less cash will be held in shops or need to be transported, again making armed robbery less rewarding.

As cash reduces, individuals start to feel safer and this is particularly important in a university or college setting. Here you have many young people away from home, often for the first time, in a new city with little local knowledge. They, are therefore, are much higher risk of becoming victims of crime. Of course, universities and colleges do much to safeguard their students, offering personal safety advice, making their accommodation sites safe and secure amongst other things. However, they should also consider the benefits that a cashless campus would bring to improving safety. On a cashless campus students have no need to carry cash, they simply add value to their student ID card, which is then used to pay for goods and service in and around campus. As no value is held on the card, if it is lost or stolen it is worthless. ID cards can be block and re-issued much quicker than traditional debit or credit cards, so inconvenience is reduced for the student.  

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