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Why Students may drop out and how you can change this…

Implement a good attendance and engagement monitoring solution to reduce drop out rates within your establishment.
So fresher’s week is over and now the partying has drawn to a close, reality has kicked in for your new students! It’s time to crack on and experience university life from the course they have chosen,  to the accommodation they live in… but with record numbers of students entering higher education the biggest challenge for establishments is delivering the perfect experience in order that students stay the course and don’t drop out in record numbers.

In fact, according to the Higher Education Funding Council for England (Hefce), more than 8% of undergraduates drop out in their first year of studying and this can cost universities around £33,000 per student! Why do students drop out and what can you do to stop them thinking this is the best decision?

Students drop out for many reasons, such as not knowing enough about the course they have chosen, finding it too challenging to manage money and budgeting, they may become homesick or are missing their home comforts and finding university life a little harder than they originally thought they would. They may not enjoy the environment they are in; this could be the city or the accommodation they have chosen… The reasons are endless but it’s important you can monitor and spot the triggers and deal with these issues before students leave and you lose £33,000.

So we know that the first year of full-time study in higher education is the most critical but here’s the £33,000 question – at what point should you, the university act? According to research, 27 per cent of fresher’s students from 2015 saw in the new year in 2016 by either dropping out of their course or said they are contemplating making the bold move come summer.

What can you do to stop these 27 per cent? Implement a good attendance and engagement monitoring solution is the key to monitoring student engagement and attendance. Our solution is cloud based, powerful but yet simple to use and offers a solution that can actually drive and improve student retention.

The benefits and features have been created for higher education, easy to install and use, it cuts down on the problem of managing data held in various places and pulls it all into one management portal. You can set criteria for attendance and set red flag alerts to be set off when this criterion isn’t met. This could be things such as missing lectures, deadlines or both. It can also let you see how engaged your students are with university life by using their ID card and seeing how often they are on campus, have they registered with the library etc. This means you can spot any students in difficulty or who may not be engaging in campus life as much as their peers and lets you address issues before these students drop out. The solution also offers curriculum planning, timetabling and schedule management tools.

So if you are looking for the solution to help you support and nurture your students instead of seeing them drop out why not give us a call on 01494 565066 or email us to solutions@monitorit.co.uk or click here to learn more about our attendance and engagement solution.
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