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In this article we offer you some thoughts on overcoming some of the more common challenges faced working within further and higher education.
With many years’ experience of working with further and higher education organisations, we have a good understanding of the challenges you face,  in this article we offer you some thoughts on  overcoming some of the more common challenges faced.

Attracting and retaining the best talent
Attracting and retaining students whether they are domestic or overseas is crucial to the continued success of universities and colleges. We are sure you are aware of the many facts and figures around what the financial impact of student’s dropping out are. But, students now see themselves as customers, the increase in student tuition fees has largely been responsible for this and they now expect a return of their investment. Students desire not only academic quality but great facilities too. Universities and colleges have already invested a lot into both of these areas but there is more that to be done.

By offering a cashless campus that uses the latest technology sends a clear signal to students that you are committed to the best use of technology to improve their experience, making access to campus life and services simple and easy to manage either via a mobile phone or student ID card. Paying for laundry, buying a drink, food or paying for sports membership amongst other things, is all done via this one identifier and via one account.

Operating in a global market
The income generated from oversea students is considerable as is the competition between organisations to attract and retain these students. Those universities which offer a cashless campus will make the first few weeks on campus easier for these students. They will have no worries about having to sort out a UK bank account before arriving in the UK, as they can load funds into their cashless campus account ahead of arrival; this is safer too, as many arrive with considerable sums in cash.  These students now don’t need to worry whether any debit or credit cards will be accepted in the UK and it also takes the pressure off learning about a new currency or any potential language barriers. It also offers their parents a simple way of adding funds to their account, safe in the knowledge that the money will be spent on campus.

When you integrate your student attendance system with a cashless campus you will be able to understand how engaged these students are and work with them to overcome any issues before they get to the stage of dropping out. Of course, this also applies to domestic students as well.

A demand and need for new technologies
We have already mentioned the benefits of using technology well to enhance the campus and student experience, but obviously, there is a cost and for cash strapped organisations this can be a challenge. However, solutions like MonitorIT’s cashless campus offer the ability to integrate with other applications and existing systems, such as print and copy, access control or attendance monitoring, bringing them all together to be used via one identifier and managed via one account. Monitor’s software can be scaled to suit your needs and budget, so any financial outlay can be managed over time. Integrating and streamlining your systems ensures a cost-efficient campus and one that offers students greater customer satisfaction.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you overcome some of the challenges  faced in higher education click here to find out more. Alternatively give us a call on 01495 565066 or email solutions@monitorit.co.uk
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