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Online Ordering for Creative Arts Students

Make buying art supplies easier for your students by offering them online ordering.
You will no doubt offer your art students a wide range of creative materials to cater to their every artist whim.

These will probably include general art supplies, photographic materials, fashion and textile supplies, right through to portfolios and sketchbooks.

With so many lines on offer, wouldn’t it be great if these could all be pre-ordered and paid for online by your students, who can then collect next time their passing your shop. Click and collect art supplies!

Easier for students

The benefits to the student are obvious, they can order at their leisure and at a time that suits them or at the moment they think about what supplies they need, students can also spend time browsing your whole range rather than dashing in just for what they think they need. Online ordering means they can pay via their online cashless account, no need to remember to have cash on them when they pick up and they can collect at a time that suits their schedule without the need for queueing. You could even offer a delivery service for a small fee. Students can easily create repeat orders. Your shop could even bundle standard art supplies into a package and sell at a preferential price. Additionally, online ordering gives parents the ability to place and pay for orders on the students’ behalf and of course students will already make lots of their purchases online and have come to expect this as a normal way to buy.

Benefits for the art department

The art department shop benefits too, by providing an up to date buying method, available 24/7, sales will likely improve, items can be ordered outside of shop hours, then collected at the student’s convenience. The need to have large amounts of change in the shop will reduce, as orders are pre-paid.

Stock management comes as standard meaning stock levels can easily be tracked and automatic purchase orders raised when stock reaches a low point. Monitor reports give you access to the latest sales information so you can track what’s hot and what’s not, with insight into your most profitable items through the profit and loss reports.

Easily group Items by type, course or by common items often purchased together. With the added ability to display images of the products, students can find the right items easily without having to trawl through lists of products. You could even consider revising your shop opening times as students move to online ordering offering a broader range of click and collect times.

So whether its transfer paper or armature wire a student needs – online ordering makes it easy and convenient for them to buy.

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To find out more about how MonitorIT’s Online Ordering can help your art shop – click here or call us on 01494 565066
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