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How many cards do you have in your wallet or purse right now?

What are the dangers of carrying so many cards and how can this be improved for students and staff?
When I was a student I had several cards in my purse, I had my university ID card, my debit card, my credit card, my print and library card, my sports membership card and also my fob for getting into campus buildings and my halls. That’s a lot of cards and things to carry around isn’t it? And what are the dangers that come with having such a full purse or wallet?

The dangers of having several cards

Keep track of spending: The more cards I had the harder I found it to remember how much I’d spent, where and which card I’d used. And as you’re no doubt aware it’s a student’s first time away from home so some find it very difficult to stay organised and keep track of their spending (I know I did) so carrying several cards may not be a good idea.

Due dates and expiry dates: Some cards such as credit cards need to be paid off monthly and other cards, such as print cards, need topping up and renewing. With so many cards it can be easy to lose track, not top up, renew or even make a payment, all of which can be a little stressful for a student.

So much to remember: When I was at university it was always a morning mission to make sure I’d remembered everything I needed before leaving my halls to go to lectures; these things included my key fob (to actually get around), books, purse, library card etc. One time I left my library card in another bag, in my room and had to go back to my halls to get it, but then forgot my key fob to get into my halls, so then had to come back to the library to then go back to my halls to get my card… So having, my key fob, library card and funds all one card would have been a real benefit to me that day!

Being responsible and not losing anything: But this is sometimes what happens when you’re a student and you’re new at all this responsibility stuff. It’s your first time away from home, it’s the first time being responsible for yourself and it’s the first time you really have to start thinking about surviving on your own. Wouldn’t it make sense to make this time, a student’s first year, as easy as possible for them?

So what I say is take away all those different cards and fobs and streamline their wallets and purses and ensure that they only need one card for everything, from entering their student halls, to opening a locker at the sports hall, to paying for a coffee, to printing, to purchasing a meal in the canteen and to even catching the local bus around town. Just one card, with one account for all on campus activity.

It sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?  The technology is already out there with MonitorIT’s cashless campus solution, MonitorIT allows you to bring most of a student’s daily needs on to one card. This one card allows them in pay for a chocolate bar from the vending machine, identifying themselves at a printer, pay for library fines, memberships, book a football pitch or a room or facilities are reserve a PC, gain access to buildings and their halls and much more.

Using MonitorIT’s cashless payment solution creates convenience for the student so increasing student satisfaction but also has great benefits for the establishment. Using ID technology simplifies administration and has other benefits such as reducing operational costs, maximises existing infrastructure investment as it’s a lot easier to integrate than pay for another new system, as well as reducing the amount of cash needed on site.
Students don’t have to worry about being near an ATM as their Monitor account can be topped up and is managed via the internet from anywhere and at any time making the solution really convenient. It gives student complete control as they can view all their spending online, students can also review other activity, from their PC booking to how much printing they did on Monday. Another great thing is that parents can log onto the account and see what their students are spending and they can even add funds too.  

So get rid of those bulging wallets and purses and give your students an easier time by using just one card. If you would like to know more about how we can give your students a better experience and lighten their wallets and purses watch our video by clicking here or call us on 01494 565066 or email

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