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A day in the life of a canteen manager

If you would like to see what a MonitorIT cashless canteen looks like then this article will be of interest to you. Come and meet Jackie, our canteen manager. Jackie goes through her day and highlights the benefits MonitorIT's cashless solution has brought to her.
Meet Jackie, she’s been the canteen manager at an inner city secondary school and 6the form college for 10 years. She loves her job and has a solid team of 6 around her in the kitchen.

Jackie’s day begins around 7am. Jackie firstly checks all breakfast orders received through Monitor Retail’s on-line ordering portal, booked by students’ parents or by staff members, are ready. Many of the students arrive at school early for breakfast as their parents drop them off before starting work, so this new pre-ordering for parents is great as they feel they are in control of their children receiving a healthy breakfast.

The canteen is then prepared for the morning rush. Jackie thinks the new cashless catering system is great, as every morning she knows exactly what each student requires. This also helps eliminate waste, as Jackie no longer has to guess what students want to eat for breakfast. Jackie believes a good breakfast is important as it gives the students a great start to the day and helps them concentrate.

The students all pay for their food orders and breakfast using their MonitorIT cashless ID cards. One swipe of the card and that’s it. Jackie has noticed service times have improved dramatically by not having to take cash as payment; the breakfast rush is now dealt with much quicker giving students more time to get to class.

Monitor Retail has really improved the running of the canteen as it is really quick and easy to use. The canteen now runs like clockwork and best of all Jackie can now see the profits going back into the school from reports produced by the system.

Due to the new cashless catering solution, Jackie also now has more time to concentrate on the preparation of new meals and innovative and nutritionally balanced menus as she no longer has to spend so much time on cashing up or manually managing her stock.

It also helps a lot when dealing with pupils with special dietary needs. Students can no longer purchase food that they may be allergic to as all students allergies are recorded in their Monitor account, which is associated to their ID card and triggers pop up warnings as their card is swiped at the till. Staff can then ensure students do not buy food that contains the allergens the student has been identified as being allergic to.

The canteen still supplies  pies, cookies, crisps, chocolate milk and other goodies but since Monitor Retail has been deployed Jackie has noticed a lot more input and control from parents as they can see each day what their child is eating by logging into their child’s account.

After breakfast is over Jackie and her staff begin the clear up and start the lunch time orders… again using Monitor Retail’s on-line ordering functionality Jackie puts together orders received by parents (or staff) for lunches.

Lunch begins at 12.30 and the canteen gets very busy. However, since reducing the reliance on cash and starting to take on-line orders Jackie has notice the same improvements in service times as those seen at the breakfast. Benefits include:
  • Reduced queuing times, as the new cashless tills operate much faster than the old cash tills with only one swipe of an ID card needed for payment.
  • Eliminates cash handling costs and saves staffing times on cash reconciliation.
  • Better stock management via pre-ordering so the kitchen can be organised better.
  • Less food waste as the kitchen now receives food orders so generally know what they need to supply.
  • Better management of free meals, students are discretely identified and accurate fulfilment reporting is available.
  • Improved security for the school as much less money is kept on site.
  • The school can now analyse what products are sold and when, which helps with purchasing and meal preparations.
  • The school also benefits as money is receive onto the cards in advance of when they actual spend it giving a more positive cash flow.
  • Pupils with allergies are easily identified and duty of care is improved.
  • Powerful management reports ensure a full audit trial of purchases/transactions are available at any time.
After clean up and menu preparation Jackie reports on the days takings and at 2.30 leaves for the day.
If you would like to know more about MonitorIT’s cashless catering solution please visit our website or call 01494 565066 to speak to us, we will happily answer any questions you have about cashless environments and how to get started.
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