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The perfect campus for a great student experience

The student experience is an important factor for the success of your college or university and below we explore the importance of creating the perfect campus.
The development of students both academically as well as socially whilst they are on campus is important to any college or university’s success, but what makes a campus perfect? Let’s look at the campus in terms of the student. Apart from the physical aspect of the site such as buildings, university grounds and accommodation, the community feeling, facilities or services are equally important and contribute to a great campus and a great campus experience.

Student accommodation is an important aspect. While a student is studying they will spend the majority of their time in their accommodation. They will sleep, socialise and study in this area so it’s important that they are inviting, safe and offer the latest technologies. 

Leisure and library facilities add to the experience. These facilities are a very important aspect of campus living, they are where students will spend much of their time. It’s really important that facilities such as libraries and sports facilities are up to date and inviting. If a student has to deal with tired looking facilities with old technology They will more likely to go off campus for these types of services.

Social facilities are part of the experience. Places such as cafĂ©’s, bars and shops … These will all be used regularly by the student and again they will expect a great experience with stylish eateries offering a good selection of well prepared food – as we all know you will be up against some stiff competition from local bars, restaurants and coffee shops. Aside from the obvious catering outlets there are other areas to consider improving to ensure your students are getting the best out of your campus. Services likes laundry facilities, ease of paying for course fees, tickets or sports membership or equipment.

So you might have gotten to this point and thought we know all this!

There is one more piece to the perfect campus that will improve the student experience and help you reduce costs and improve service delivery even more – by going cashless.

MonitorIT offers the one card, one account, one solution approach, so one ID manages everything from paying for laundry to accessing rooms, accommodation and even the car park. Their ID would get the student into a building, pay for their lunch, book a squash court, identify them at a printer, allow them to buy a chocolate bar at a vending machine, pay their library fines and even reserve a PC or book out some AV equipment for them, all very easily and all without using cash.

It’s a one stop shop cashless payment solution for your students that is convenient and that can actually increase student satisfaction while making the running of your university or college smoother. It also simplifies administration, provides savings on operational costs, maximises existing infrastructure investments (it’s easier to integrate than pay for yet another new system) and can increase on campus spend by up to 20%.

If you would like to know more about how your campus can be perfect for that perfect degree and learn how you would benefit from going cashless click here. Alternatively give us a call on 01494 565066 or email solutions@monitorit.co.uk

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