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The benefit of having just one provider

Discover the benefits of having one provider with MonitorIT
Did you know that in 2012 to 2013 almost £3 billion was generated from student tuition fees? This is a significant contributor to your organisations finances.

To get your share of this £3 billion you will need to keep ahead of the game, offering the best student experience that takes account not only of teaching excellence but includes a great campus life, good social facilities and one that fosters a sense of

Organisations should identify how best to do this in a way that adds value to students and the organisation alike and one that ensures a steady flow of future students.   

One way of doing this is to streamline your supply chain; this simplifies management time and resource and leaves you to concentrate on service provision to support the student experience.

You may think you already have this all sorted, but let me ask you a question? How many solutions and systems do you currently have in your organisation? Let me have a guess, you’ll probably be supporting a library system, a laundry system, a PC booking system, an access control and ID card system, a retail system and maybe a sports membership, print and copy system and of course a student attendance and engagement solution? Have I guessed correctly? You could probably add a few more to the list too. And who looks after the administration of these separate systems and how much does each system cost each year to maintain? If you are not entirely sure, I’m guessing when you start to look into to it you’ll discover its different invoices, for different departments for different solution and different people managing them…

It’s all about being streamlined
MonitorIT’s transaction management solution is designed to handle all transactions under once centralised platform and all other services on campus, giving you a one card, one ID, one solution campus. The solution allows you to use one ID, whether that is an ID card or maybe a smart phone, that can manage everything staff or students need. This ID can get a student into a lecture hall, their room in halls, buy them a coffee, and release print jobs in the library. It can be used to buy a snack from the vending machine, open their locker, let them book out a studio and even book equipment. It will allow them to pay for course fees, pay for tickets and events or can even allow them to pay and ride the bus.

It creates a system convenient for both students and the university or college. It simplifies administration and provides many savings in operational costs but also maximises existing infrastructure investment by integrating with other business critical systems. And if you’re looking for some other reason to go with one cashless provider:-
  • Eliminate cash handling
  • Improves security
  • Improves budget management for students
  • Cuts admin costs and time
  • Integrates with existing library systems
  • Improves stock management
  • Supports discounts, rewards schemes, incentives and free meal allocation
  • Eliminates cash from campus improving security
  • Uses a closed loop system keeping funds within the organisation
  • Improves on campus spends by up to 20%
  • Reduces POS and transaction costs as fewer EMV merchant terminals
Working with one solution and one provider is the key to solving the problems caused by reliance on cash and improves the payment experience for staff and students.

By embracing MonitorIT’s cashless transaction management solution you show your students that you care and are investing in their experience with new technologies to make their life easier.

If you’d like to learn more click here are call us on 01494 565 066 or email solutions@monitorit.co.uk
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