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News Announcement - Cashless Campus White Paper published

We are delighted to announce the availability of a comprehensive White Paper 'Going Cashless in Universities and Colleges'. The paper covers why it matters in today's ever more competitive landscape, what the perfect cashless campus looks like and how HE and FE organisations can set about using less cash.

The White Paper is split into 8 key areas and is the first comprehensive look at cashless campuses that we are aware of, bringing much needed and detailed research on this topic.

The 8 sections cover:

  • Notes and coins: past their sell by date?
  • Students and the payment experience
  • Universities and the student experience
  • Universities and the commercial imperative
  • What does a cashless campus look like
  • Stakeholder benefits
  • Hurdles and how these can be overcome
  • What to look for and pitfalls to avoid in supplier selection

A lot less cash

As the the paper identifies 'cashless', although a commonly used term, is actually a misnomer. It's unlikely that campuses will go entirely cashless in the foreseeable future, but for our purposes we'll use the term 'Cashless' to indicate 'a lot less cash'

Finding new efficiencies

The Chair of the UUK Efficiency Task Group rightly identified 'Delivering efficiency and value for money is an absolute operational priority....... Universities must work in ever smarter and innovative ways'

Finding these new efficiencies is a growing challenge for HE and FE organisations. Cost savings from asset-sharing, improved estate management and better energy efficiency have been some of the quick wins which have delivered returns - but finding new sources of savings can be challenging, and demands increasingly innovative solutions. Leveraging technology to go cashless represents one such innovative step and therefore this White Paper is a 'must read'

Request your copy

If you would like a copy of the White Paper, 'Going Cashless in Universities and Colleges' please email us at solutions@monitorit.co.uk and we will send you a free copy by return email.

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