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MonitorIT's installation plan for a cashless campus

If you’re thinking of introducing smart ID cards to your site are you aware of the full potential of that card and know all it has to offer?

Many establishments don’t fully realise the potential of an ID card, and it’s rarely used as more than a photographic ID or to unlock a door.

When planning to install MonitorIT’s core SupervisorNet database MonitorIT will try to fully understand what the ID card is to be used for in order to make the solution future-proof and expandable and where required making the ID card more than just a photographic ID or a key to unlock a door.

This is done by allocating time beforehand to speak and to meet with you the customer and get an understanding of what you want to achieve, what systems you currently have, and how you envisage things working for your organisation.

MonitoIT will also make sure that you are aware of any pitfalls and make recommendations based on their knowledge and experience to ensure a smooth deployment and a fully-functional system.

The user details are the first thing required to begin the installation, so a source of data is needed to provide this information. MonitorIT’s core SupervisorNet database is easily integrated into many other systems – Your Active Directory is a great place to start as it usually gives an up-to-date and an accurate list of people/users. HR systems or an educational MIS is another way to obtain data of the users.

The information extracted normally includes standard details such as names, departments, or a unique ID number but other information can be obtained that may not be printed on a card but is used behind the scenes – perhaps a date of birth so that the user can’t purchase age-restricted products, or a date for the end of a student’s course in order to lock the users account at the end of their studies.

Using this information MonitorIT then links each user’s account to a card – This process can be carried out automatically so that as soon as a card is printed the details are captured or encoded and the card is ready to go. At this point the card can also be configured for other purposes, and data can be pushed to external systems to notify them that a new card has been produced.

Now MonitorIT have the data and you have your ID cards… The next thing that MonitorIT will do is to configure the various systems that the users will interact with. This work is carried out by MonitorIT’s integration specialists.

An element of the project with the most involvement is likely to be the configuration of any POS terminals as there will be products to load in, screens and buttons to create as well as configuring the accounting and authentication settings and also if users are able to pay with cash, chip&pin, account or a mix.

Other elements that MonitorIT will discuss with you are the tracking of stock levels of products and if some users are exempt from VAT. Also what functionality will the till operators be given – such as refunds, voids, etc. This will all be carried out but again with the expertise and guidance from MonitorIT's specialists.

However if MonitorIT receives information in advance, such as a spreadsheet of stock and prices, the database can be pre-populated before arrival on-site which increases the speed of implementation and allows for testing to take place a lot sooner.

Input is required and there will be some fine-tuning after the initial installation but MonitorIT will provide training and documentation where necessary to enable administrators to make changes without our assistance.

Once MonitorIT’s core module is in place the installation specialists then look to carry out the refinements and integration to automate a lot of the usual manual tasks. Such as automatic allocation of funds – MonitorIT can obtain information from a 3rd party finance or management system in order to automatically allocate credit to appropriate users at appropriate times. Other administrative tasks such as purging old accounts or replacement of cards can also be automated and make the system work smarter without manual intervention.

MonitorIT can also build bespoke reports and have them emailed out automatically every day, week or month giving details of takings or individual purchase statements for each user.

It’s a big step introducing a centralised transaction system to any site, big or small but MonitorIT will be involved in every step of the installation and give honest guidance and advice to help ensure everything runs smoothly and of course be there for the big switch-on and beyond.

MonitorIT have an experienced and dedicated team to assist with installing hardware, and a dedicated team of technical staff to carry out the installation and discuss the technical requirements before fingers even touch a keyboard!

If you would like to learn more about our installation process call us on 01494 565066 and speak to one of our specialists about how we can start your journey to a truly cashless environment. Or watch our video to see how MonitorIT can creates a true Cashless Campus.

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