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Monitor Retail - A core solution to your cashless campus

Let me introduce you to another suite of software and hardware applications fully integrated with the MonitorIT's transaction management solution. Monitor Retail.

Monitor Retail when combined with the MSSQL SupervisorNet transaction management engine provides the stepping stones to a cashless environment that we all dream off. Reducing cash handling in a point of sale area must be a high priority for most organisations.

Monitor retail takes care of all your point of sale needs. Whether it be in a canteen, a shop, or online ordering the Monitor retail solution offers flexibility cost effectiveness and fast return on investment.

From a simple “Tap & Go” free meal tracking system for Schools and Colleges to record and track free meal allocations, to a fully integrated electronic point of sale solution fit for any organisation with modern looking  windows POS ready touchscreen tills and back office management software for stock control and supplier accountability.

Reliable and effective, the Monitor retail solution will provide a one stop shop for efficiencies during busy times, efficiencies with stock management and an efficient end user experience.

By introducing a MonitorIT cashless retail system you are taking the first steps to improving your user and customer experience. A cashless transaction will improve the speed of service by as much as 80% over and above a cash transaction.  “Less time queuing – more time Doing” There will be less cash to count up at the end of each day - more time for staff to do other important tasks. There will be less trips to the bank to deposit cash - reduced bank charges - and more importantly  you will have a captured audience. The money the user has on their account can only be used in your outlets. They can’t spend it anywhere else. I think they refer to that as “Win Win!

To take Monitor Retail to the next level take a look at Monitor On-line Ordering. A complete web based online ordering system fully integrated with the Monitor database. Users pre-order and pay online for the products or services they require on the day they require it and go to a collection point to receive their purchases. Create “meal deals”.  Customise calendars so you can choose what you want to sell on the days you want to sell. Providing a greater control over stock management and reducing wastage. An even slicker operation, with no payment transaction time what so ever at the end point of sale. Just hand over the goods.  It couldn’t get any easier!

If you have not already seen the Monitor Retail webinar please click here

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