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A day in the life of a librarian with MonitorIT's library solution

MonitorIT’s library solution creates a cash free, self-service environment for patrons, students and staff as well as increase revenue, reduces costs and increase staff efficiencies.

MonitorIT’s library solution creates a cash free, self-service environment for patrons, students and staff as well as increase revenue, reduces costs and increase staff efficiencies.

As libraries now embrace online information, along with book, journal and digital media lending, libraries are now a hub for internet activity. However, they face the same cost recovery as all businesses. Modern libraries provide print & copy, PC time, book loans, recover overdue fees and fines, policing of fair access to PCs.

With MonitorIT’s library solution it manages resources by tracking and charging for time or use, making the library largely self-service. SupervisorNet software from MonitorIT integrates with traditional Library Management Systems (LMS) to validate a user’s account, check for outstanding fees and fines or obtain their credit balance without any help or assistance from a librarian.

Staff can focus on their core responsibilities creating a more efficient work environment due to the automation of tasks. So since installing MonitorIT’s library solution let’s see what a typical day is like for a librarian. Sue is a librarian working at her local university library:-

7.40 – Sue arrives and swipes her MonitorIT smartcard to access the university and then the library.

7.45 – Sue grabs a coffee from the vending machines using her MonitorIT smartcard.

7.50 – Sue carries out morning checks such as, PC bookings, any asset bookings using MonitorIT’s software… just to see what’s coming in and out - Sue scans over the online report she received from MonitorIT looking at all the library transactions from yesterday - Sue uses the report to detail on costs and budgets - Since MonitorIT was installed Sue has noticed improved office efficiencies and reduced costs.

8:00 – Sue starts responding to archive requests, checking the library’s Twitter and Facebook feed and responding accordingly.

9:00 – Sue attends the morning admin meeting.

10.30 – Sue meets with individual students to help them find online scholarly resources for final papers and digital exhibit.

Since installing MonitorIT into the library Sue is dealing less with MFD issues, addressing fines and fees but dealing more with the academic side of her role which is what she loves. This is all due to MonitorIT’s library solution taking the admin duties away.

12.30 – Sue starts collating resource and archives from a request from a history lecturer.

12.42 - A new student approaches her desk in regards the payment of a fine. Sue directs the student to a MonitorIT floor standing kiosk and explains that all fines can be paid here using his MonitorIT Smartcard.

Sue used to deal with all these requests before MonitorIT was installed into the library.

13.00 – Sue finishes typing up questions that came out of a patron survey in regards the library’s resources. She then sends these to the Director to analyse.

The university now carries out a bi-monthly student survey for feedback on ways to improve the library.

Sue had wanted to implement this survey for a long time, however due to her old admin duties found little time to do it.

Since installing MonitorIT’s library solution, more time has been spent on improving resources for students, staff and patrons.

Things that have come from the survey due to MonitorIT’s library solution:-

  • Ease of payment of fines as students no longer have to wait for library staff to be available.
  • The MonitorIT kiosks also allow students to self-serve and add credit onto their MonitorIT smartcards easily without involvement from library staff.
  • Students find it easier to book assets, facilities and PC’s as they no longer need to wait for members of staff to carry out this task but can do it easily from their laptops.
  • Bookings and top ups since using MonitorIT can also now be done from students tablets, mobiles or laptops.

13:30 – Sue grabs some lunch in the canteen using her MonitorIT Smartcard.

14:00 – Sue teaches a class about library skills - demonstrations of searches in library catalogs, electronic resources and online encyclopaedia.

15:00 – Sue finish up, signs off and heads home.

Most librarians are often asked if they read books all day long… But with the install of MonitorIT’s library solution Sue now has time to do this!

Through the automation of tasks with MonitorIT, staff can now focus their time on their core responsibilities creating a more efficient work environment.

If you're interested in learning more about MonitorIT’s cashless library solution or interested in hearing more about MoniorIT's cashless campus please contact solutions@monitorit.co.uk


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