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Tips for modernising your canteen

What can canteens do to improve? Hear all about how going cashless can help in our latest blog.
What can your canteen do to improve? The take-up of school dinners is apparently as low as 43% meaning that around 57% of students are choosing to eat somewhere else or going without.

Not only does this affect their health but their learning too. Many parents and students wrongly think that a packed lunch is a healthier option but it is actually easier to get nutrients into a cooked meal rather than a packet lunch. And did you know that only 1% of packed lunches meet the nutritional standards that currently apply for schools and colleges.

With almost 20% of children already classed as obsess by the time they leave primary school and diet related illnesses costing the NHS around £10 billion every year the ‘Eating healthy’ message is a strong one. Parents across the UK are currently spending almost £billion a year on packed lunches which is a lot of money. Would’t it be great if you could persuade just a fraction of these parents to switch to canteen meals instead? Making your canteen profitable but also your students healthier!

It’s time to tackle these issues by making your canteen inviting, healthy and an enjoyable experience for all!  A successful canteen not only feeds students the right foods but can improve your establishment’s finances too. A half empty canteen is certain to lose money, just like a half empty restaurant. So where can you start… You can start by creating a canteen that students want to spend time in, with quick service, good quality food and a range of different meal options. We’ve got some tips to make for a great canteen:-
  1. Think about the whole user experience and try not to focus solely on the food but the environment around the students. If the canteen is bland, uncomfortable and boring they may go elsewhere.
  2. Variety is the spice of life so a good choice of healthy meals is essential to success. But how about you improve the experience further with the option to pre-order these meals and have nutritional information displayed for each one. This is a great way for parents and students to see for themselves how healthy their diet really is.
  3. Make sure service is quick and easy and flows smoothly so work to speed up traffic flow during service periods to ?? for a happier student. If students think they are going to spend most of their lunch time in a queue it's inevitable they will go elsewhere.
  4. Take cash off the premises to increase safety. Consider going cashless as this option is both appealing to parents and children as they no longer have to find dinner money or carry cash around with them.
This can all be achieved with, Monitor Retail. The solution gives you an up to date, cashless catering solution. It eliminates cash handling costs and saves staff time as cash collection is much reduced.
It brings with it better stock management via pre-ordering straight to the kitchen so the kitchen can be better stocked and better organised leading to less food waste and better financial control.
It can improve the management of free meals to those students who are entitled in a discrete and ensures accurate returns for funding purposes. It can assist the student or parent in making the right food choices when purchasing food items via the Monitor Online Ordering and also can reward these students when they have made healthier choices.
The benefits of the solution include:
  • A simple traffic light system to help inform and guide healthy food choices.
  • Enables healthy choices based on nutritional information displayed next to each item.
  • Warns or prevents a sale to a customer if the item selected contains something they have an allergy to and flagged this in their account (e.g. nuts)
  • Warns or prevents a sale to a customer if a food does not contain something they have flagged (e.g. Vegan)
  • Parents can flag dietary restrictions directly into their child’s My Monitor Online Ordering portal.
So if you are ready to improve and modernise your canteen why not give us a call on 01494 565066 or email us at solution@monitorit.co.uk. Alternatively why not download our brochure by clicking here
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