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Top tips on topping up!

Oh no! You've run out of credit on your ID card… What do you do next? MonitorIT have some great ways for students to top up. Its cashless payment options provide an easy, flexible method to enable students to top up credit on campus. Parents can do it too.

A reload device is a great way to top up. These are generally found in libraries, print rooms or where the booking of facilities and assets are made. Not only do they offer topping up facilities but a number of other tasks such as PC booking, payment of library fines and fees, asset booking and much more. They’re a one stop shop! These reload devices, also known as floor mounted interactive kiosks, are a key component of any true cashless environment, allowing users to top up either using coins/notes or via their debit/credit cards. Also giving users the flexibility to perform a number of other tasks at the same time and from the same kiosk.

The reload device is controlled by MonitorIT’s powerful SupervisorNet software and any credit added is held in the students Monitor account and not on the card so funds are protected if the card is lost or stolen. They also run using the powerful Supervisor Express application which provides a customisable user interface and graphics for seamless branding so your campus logo can be added at any point.

Another hassle free way for users to add funds to their accounts is by using the web based application ‘My Monitor’. This can replace or run as an alternative to the kiosk. The ease of using ‘My Monitor’ for students is simple, it’s technology that they understand and it creates a cash free environment which saves on the administration burden and costs associated with cash collections, improves campus security and puts the student in charge of their own account. ‘My Monitor’ also has the ability to have multiple subsidiary accounts, where funds can be spread over different purses. This can all be done with this web based account management service.

The student and the parent can add money to ‘My Monitor’ giving the parent peace of mind that their child will never be short of funds. As 'My Monitor' is also a web based portal a student or parent can log in at any PC, tablet or phone making it extremely accessible.

Parents and students can view all transactions that they have made using ‘My Monitor’ and where their money is being spent; Parents can manage accounts for multiple children and create reports to keep an eye on their spending, which can be emailed to them regularly. My Monitor really is the future for a truly cashless environment and a happy student. Why not call us on 01494 565066 and speak to one of our specialists about how we can start your journey to a truly cashless campus!

Or watch our video to see how MonitorIT creates a true Cashless Campus.

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