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Rewarding healthy eating

Recently launched in the MonitorIT core database, SupervisorNet, our new nutritional information system. This new feature assists customers (employees, staff or students) in making informed choices when purchasing food items via the Monitor Online ordering module.

The option is made up of several components of the MonitorIT solution which when added together provides this rich feature set.

The benefits include:

  • A simple traffic light system to help inform and guide healthy food choices.
  • Enables healthy choices based on nutritional information displayed next to each item.
  • Warns or prevents a sale to a customer if the item selected contains something they have flagged in their account (e.g nuts)
  • Warns or prevents a sale to a customer if a food does not contain something they have flagged (e.g. Vegan)
  • Parents can flag dietary restrictions directly into their child’s My Monitor Online Ordering portal.

An additional set of reports are now included in Supervisor Insights reporting module, options include reporting on the top 20 healthy eaters and/or the bottom 20 more unhealthy eaters!

Rewards can be put in place for those that consistently eat healthily and encouragement and extra education on the benefits of healthy eating can be given to those in the bottom 20. Additional reporting can be done on groups for example a School House and rewards given for the healthiest house!

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