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The Complete University Guide’s annual crime survey is out for 2015

By adopting a cashless campus you can make your university safer. 
Crime results in any university area can be a big (and negative) factor when you’re competing to attract new students. The CUG releases crime figures every year for each university area and city to give students who are applying an idea of how safe that university campus might be.

Let’s face it for most students it’s their first time away from home so being able to have access to information like this is important to them and their parents. Did you know that undergraduates in some towns and cities are up to eight times more likely to be a victim of burglary, robbery or violent attacks? So its important students are made aware to avoid them becoming a crime statistic.

The CUG survey is compiled from official police data and is based around crimes most likely to be encountered by students – burglary, robbery and violent crime, you can read the full survey result here
By adopting a cashless campus you can help make your university safer. Just think no cash on site, less temptation for opportunists. Better personal safety for students who only need to carry their ID card with them and this ID card can be used for every transaction on campus as well as to access buildings and their student accommodation amongst other things... 

What happens if a card is lost or stolen? As the ID cards are not pre-paid card or a debit card there are no actual funds held on this card so it is super quick and easy for a student or staff member to block it without any funds being lost. It’s simply done via the online portal. A replacement card can then be issued and associated with that students account. It’s seamless and just as quick as replacing a standard ID card. This simple procedure means no waiting for new bank cards to arrive, no loss of money and students have less stress., There will always be a risk of crime at whatever location a student decides to study but by adopting some sensible precautions will reduce these risks And the cashless campus can certainly play its role in this area. Student and staff safety is crucial to the success of your university so if you would like to learn more about how a cashless campus can help click here. Alternatively call us on 01494 565 666 or email solutions@monitorit.co.uk 
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