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The benefits of renovation

We show you how to invest those tuition fees into our cashless campus and the benefits it can bring
Higher education institutions face enormous competition from other institutes to build newer and better buildings to rival these other institutions facilities. It’s become a facilities race to build the best and newest, state-of-the-art accommodation, canteens, lecture halls, leisure facilities and on campus centres and why? Students are now expecting to be treated as consumers, mainly due to the rise in tuition fees and the removal of the cap on student numbers. The competition has heated up for sure!

For some people cutting-edge means new. But with limited funds available in this sector, there in’t always the money to fund brand new cutting edge buildings… so what do you do to show students you are investing in your university or college? You renovate by adding new solutions and entice new students with new technologies that will enhance their experience.

Renovating and updating systems and technology in existing facilities and integrating new or replacing old inefficient solutions can bring massive benefits—benefits which may even beat those of new buildings. Renovating can be the new "new" for intuitions.

With today’s young adults being so technology savvy a great way to renovate or improve is to focus on new technologies for your campus. A cashless campus solution is one of those technologies that can change the way your campus works. It can increase student satisfaction, improve security, improve budget management for students and can make life easy for them on campus and all without the need for new buildings or massively funded projects. It’s all made possible with a simple student ID. Want to hear more…

Not only can a cashless campus improve the student experience, it can improve things for the institution too. It cuts admin costs, eliminates cash handling, improves security, integrates with existing card systems you may already have in place and saves you money on transaction costs. The solution also makes reporting easy and can help with student engagement and retention as well as increase on campus spends by as much as 20%. And all this from a student ID … It’s our one ID, one account, one solution philosophy.

Our cashless campus solution enhances service delivery on your site and provides an opportunity to not only deliver better services but also for you to make the best use of the latest technologies.  ‘Modern’ doesn’t always have to mean new. Improving the student campus experience can be done by simply implementing solutions such as a cashless campus.

If you want to learn more about or cashless campus click here to watch our video or if you would lie to contact us email solutions@monitorit.co.uk or call 01494 565 0600
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