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What happens when a student loses their card?

So you’ve gone cashless. You’ve taken the one card approach, integrated your card system with AD and other management systems and solutions. Students’ love the online portal for topping up their account with money and spend across the campus is going up! All is good.

Then disaster strikes, a student loses their recently topped up card – they had just added £20 credit. Now if this was a pre-paid card or debit card it really would be a disaster! But as it’s an ID card with no funds held on it, it is super quick and easy for the student to block the card via the online portal or to seek out an administrator to do the blocking on their behalf. The issue of a replacement card and the association of the new card with their account is seamless, and just as quick as the issuing of a standard ID card, of course whether you charge for lost cards is entirely dependent on your policies. So no long waits for a new bank or credit card, no misuse of the card by unauthorised people, no stress. Just a no hassle replacement service and that £20 is still available to be spent. The student is happy and normal service is resumed.

Students increasingly see themselves as customers and as such expect the provision of high quality services that make campus life easier for them and as students not only care about what they buy but how they pay for it, it is imperative that your campus payment methods are simple and robust, creating a win win situation for both student and organisation.

Using ID cards which are integrated seamlessly into all aspects of a student’s university or college life is a must, making it stress free and easy to replace cards when something goes wrong (cards are lost or stolen) is also a must and an easy thing to achieve with the right solution in place.

If you would like to know more about how MonitorIT can help you on your journey to become a cashless campus please call us on 01494 565666 or visit the product pages of our website to learn more – click here to get started.

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