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Are you ready for your new students?

Did you know that the number of students applying to start a degree course from September has dropped by 50,000 in just 12 months, according to the latest UCAS statistics?

Did you know that the number of students applying to start a degree course from September has dropped by 50,000 in just 12 months, according to the latest UCAS statistics? So it is important to ensure that the students that are attending your establishment have the best experience.

Now that students are paying as much as £9000 to obtain a degree their expectations are high. They increasingly see themselves as consumers of, rather than simply participants in, higher education. Those who are very conscious of paying for the experience become more conscious of what they are paying for. That sense of being a consumer means continually weighing up the perceived value of goods and services versus the price paid for them, and this extends beyond tuition… so the question is, are you ready to give your new students the best student experience possible and how will you fair in the national student survey (NSS)?

Before your fresher’s arrive, nervous but I’m sure very excited, have you thought about them as a customer? There are some important tasks that need to be carried out and considered.

• Is accommodation ready for your new students, such as access and rooms?
• Is IT and printing ready, such as library access, fines and fees, printing?
• Are you ready for asset booking and room booking?
• Are all access points around the university student ready?
• Have all students paid their tuition fees?
• Has all catering needs been met?
• Are your laundry’s ready?

So many questions for so many different departments but did you know that with MonitoIT’s transaction management solution in place it can handle all these elements and more. The solution can simply integrate all this into one account, with multiple purses allowing your students to have just one ID card for everything on campus. The outcome is a happier more satisfied student.

And why a happier and more satisfied student:-

• One fast, easy system accessing a wide range of goods and services, on or even off campus.

• There’s no need to go looking for functioning ATMs to access funds; these can be distant, expensive and a security risk (especially at night).

• There’s no need for students to worry about holding cash or how much is held and there’s no need to weigh up which method to use when paying.

• Funds can be loaded to the account quickly and conveniently — at kiosks on campus, or online by students and/or their parents.

• Students have greater control over their finances as there’s no need to withdraw more cash than is immediately needed.

• Transaction histories are viewable online so it’s easier to avoid overdrafts.

• Faster transactions avoid wasting time in queues and arriving late for lectures.

• Users have less to carry around as no need for wallets bulked out with cards, heavy coins and other fobs etc..

• It’s quick and easy to block lost or stolen smartcards and immediately set up an alternative payment system as funds are not held on the card (and to unblock cards again).

• Fees of any sort, whether sport membership or tuition fees, can all be paid using the solution.

MonitorIT’ can also integrate with local transport, can handle locker access, cashless vending, student voting, attendance recording, student union membership, sports membership and all your on and off campus spends… MonitorIT is the true cashless experience adding to your students overall experience and, as mentioned previously, a great survey result for you.

The national student survey has become a large factor in what university a student may choose. The NSS can now help inform the choices of prospective students and provide data that assists institutions in enhancing the student experience. MonitoIT’s transaction management solution can help enhance your student’s experience.

Response rates are consistently high – over 320,000 final year students completed the survey in 2014 which has helped over two million students make their voices heard about the things that matter to them. So how do you fair currently? Are you ready for your students?

If you would like to know more about how MonitorIT can help you on your journey to becoming a cashless campus please call us on 01494 565666 or why not request our recent white paper – Going Cashless in Universities & Colleges email solutions@monitorit.co.uk

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