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The ‘Less Cash’ Campus

You ever thought how good it would be with less cash on campus?

Think about it! Less administrative cost so saving you money, increase in safety on campus as less cash handled, happier students as never having issues with coin jams or having enough change. Going cashless is the answer.

Going cashless and creating a cashless environment allows you to make it more convenient for your staff and students and cost effective for you.

By removing cash you remove a lot of the headache that goes with it such as:
• Lots of cash moving around campus that must be kept safe.
• Costs for cashing up, storing, cash collection and banking.
• Large queues in canteens and at vending machines due to slowness of using cash.

All these issues are removed and your campus can be made far more efficient through moving to ‘less cash.’

MonitorITs transaction management solution takes these headaches away and can easily integrate with your till and POS systems which you may already be using. Your students and staff can simply pay for food, snacks and other goods using the latest smart card technology. They can pay for trips, buy books, use public transport, pay fees, pay for photocopying, stationery and much more.

How does it work you ask? - Money is loaded into the user’s cashless account which is held on a central system, much like a bank account. If the card is lost or stolen the balance of the account is safe as the money is stored against the account and not on the card.

What are the benefits? - With less need to carry cash, risk of it being lost or stolen is reduced. It is a lot easier and faster to pay, and it is more hygienic as students and staff will no longer have to handle cash. It is safe, secure and convenient. And a student can top-up their cashless account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And to make it even easier for students’ parents can top up too using the web based application!

A student can manage their account via the internet from anywhere, at any time for maximum convenience. It also provides students with complete control over their spending as they can view detailed statements online

There are several reasons not to like cash, but we do still live in a cash-based world. However more and more industries are starting to embrace the "Cashless Journey" and we are heading towards a cashless economy in the future for certain, using modern, efficient electronic payment methods, so don’t get left behind!. Ask yourself when was the last time I went to the cash point? Ask a student and I bet they can’t even remember!

In the past few years in most countries the cashless journey has begun. The persistence of cash is surprising given its inconveniences and the risks of carrying it around. Countries are working to make payment systems less dependent on cash so it’s enviable that the future holds… less cash.

Conclusion - The ways we pay for things has changed more in the past few years than in the previous 150 and the cashless journey is well underway. Why not become part of it and embrace the ‘less cash’ environment.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can start your journey to a less cash environment why not contact our solutions team on 01494 565 066 or email solutions@monitorit.co.uk

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