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PC, facilities and asset booking made easy

I’m a little old to play Musical chairs.

Most students I speak to these days tell humorous tales of patrolling the libraries or study areas waiting to pounce on a PC to complete that vital assignment or conduct valuable research. The silent game of musical chairs (or PC’s in this case) starts with students circling the room waiting for the next available PC. It reminds me of trying to find a parking space at the local shopping centre the week before Christmas, you drive round and round waiting and then you see someone just pulling out. By the time you get there you’ve been beaten to it so you start to slow patrol all over again.

Well it doesn’t have to be like that!!

Monitor Bookings provides a well-managed solution that allows students to view availability across the campus along with providing a range of booking or walk-up options (and charge if appropriate) so there is no need for students to circle like buzzards.

Well positioned monitors can display the level of availability in a given area showing forthcoming reservations with the user name and booking time as well as the general availability. A web based booking portal provides student with a quick guide to availability, down to the minute to enable them to schedule their activities more effectively. Once they are logged on and in a session the task bar add-on shows the duration of the session along with remaining time available and a pop-up will remind the user to save work prior to the session finishing.

Another benefit of this type of solution is it will help your organisation promote your fair-use policy for all as quotas can be assigned to each user group. So no more PC hogging as the system just won’t allow it!

And it’s not just for PC reservation, the system can be used to book meeting rooms or even your high value equipment to ensure facilities are managed correctly or equipment is returned in good condition. Serviced offices is a perfect environment for the Facilities Booking module to allow a range of users to book meeting rooms, check capacity is suitable, arrange specific hardware and services are available (flip-charts, projector, audio equipment, water, coffees etc.). This could even be integrated with your access control solution to allow entry to the meeting room, at the specified time.

For more information take a look at our website (www.monitorIT.co.uk) or call (01494 565066) one of our consultants to discuss your needs.

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