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The convenience of single sign on

Have you come across the term ‘single sign-on’ (SSO)? Are you aware of what it means and what the benefits are? Our blog explains what SSO means, how it can benefit you and how the MonitorIT suite is enhanced due to SSO.

You may have come across the term ‘single sign-on’ (SSO) but do you actually know what it means and what the benefits are?

The definition of SSO is a session or an authentication process that allows a user to enter their login name and password just once, to access multiple applications; thereby authenticating the user for all the applications they need access to during a particular session.

It basically means that a login name and password does not need to be entered every time another application needs to be opened during a particular session.

Single sign-on forms part of the MonitorIT suite of products.

Users can log into their My Monitor account with a single user name and password. It allows them to gain access to connected systems without the need to re-enter their credentials.

Monitor IT’s cashless solution contains many of its own applications, which provide seamless integration with the core accounting database, Supervisor Net, (as well as integration with third party solutions). Getting credit into an account or topping up an account, when part way through an on-line transaction, can be an onerous task, but with SSO in place this is no longer the case.

A single sign on between the Monitor application(s) and the payment portal offers an enhanced user experience and as credit card information stored in My Monitor can be tokenised (to support PCI-DSS compliance requirements), the user can also be assured the system will handle all their transactions safely and securely.

As an example a user may need to pay for printing documents from the Monitor Print web portal and then buy items from the Monitor On-line ordering portal. When they checkout and pay for their on-line order, the user finds their account is low on funds from all the printing they have just paid for.

Without single sign-on, the user would have to log out of the Monitor On-line ordering portal, and then carry out a separate login to the My Monitor application to credit their account.

With single sign-on, the user just clicks the URL link within the Monitor On-line ordering portal; this will then take the user straight to their My Monitor account page. Here the user can top-up their account; and when they are done topping up, they can go straight back to the on-line ordering portal to complete their transaction and all without having to log in and out of the separate applications.

In addition, it’s possible to carry out SSO from your own site’s user portal using configurable administration settings to set-up the required SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) details. This allows a user to login to your organisations web portal with their credentials and go straight to My Monitor without needing any additional login… making their experience smooth and easy.

My Monitor can reduce the need for cash on campus, in schools and in other public places like libraries, which can help improve security and convenience. It allows users to load and manage funds to their account via the web, creating a seamless experience. My Monitor also reduces admin time and costs associated with cash handling and reconciliation and users can view transactions, transfer funds between accounts and email reports to themselves, offering a completely flexible way of topping up accounts and managing their money.
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