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The 12th annual National Student Survey opens on 11th January 2016

Has your university got what it takes to come out on top?
The launch of the 12th National Student Survey is this week and, no doubt, your final year students will be keen to complete it. Are you wondering what they may say?

The NSS is great; it gives students the opportunity to express their opinions about their time with you and lets them reflect on their experiences. They get to report on the course they completed and what they liked, what they didn’t and what they think could be improved.  

As you will be aware this important feedback is used to compile comparative data for each establishment, which is published to help prospective students decide where they want to go and what they want to study. And this survey can influence these decisions a lot.

The results can help universities too, by better understanding the experiences of students and help inform what changes they may need to make to improve a student’s time at university.  Nearly 2.7 million students have taken part in the NSS so far, with more than 7 out of 10 final year students completing the survey in 2015 alone… Therefore, it’s important you’re making their experience with you epic and they say the right things about your establishment! How far from the top do you think you are this year?

Now that students are paying more for their education, they’re expectations are higher, they are approaching university life much more as consumers, they know what they want and it’s those universities that give them the best possible experience that will fare well in the NSS.

There are some important factors to consider to ensure your organisation is delivering what students expect:
  • Has student accommodation been up to scratch?
  • Has library access, paying fines and fees and printing been a walk in the park for students?
  • Has booking rooms and assets been easy for them?
  • Have all catering needs been met including the student union bar?
  • Has the laundry facilities been accessible and easy to use?
  • Does your campus offer the latest technologies?
If you’re not sure the answer to any of the above questions then take a look at MonitorIT’s transaction management solution and by next year you’ll be answering yes to these questions.

MonitorIT’s transaction management solution centralises all the student’s balances into one account. Their account can have multiple purses, but the student now only needs one ID card for everything on campus. The outcome? happier, more satisfied students.

Here’s how a One ID, One Account, One Solution will make your students life easier and less complicated.
  • One fast, easy system to access a wide range of goods and services, on or even off campus.
  • No need to for functioning ATMs to access funds; these can be distant, expensive and a security risk (especially at night).
  • No need for students to worry about holding cash or how much is held and there’s no need to weigh up which method to use when paying.
  • Funds can be loaded to the account quickly and conveniently — at kiosks on campus, or on-line by students and/or their parents.
  • Students have greater control over finances as there’s no need to withdraw more cash than is immediately needed.
  • Faster transaction times due to no cash, avoids wasting time in queues and arriving late for lectures.
  • Students have less to carry as no need for fobs, wallets and coins etc....
  • Lost or stolen cards can be quick and easily blocked and a new card can be set up as funds are not held on the card (and cards can be unblocked as easily too.)
  • All fees, whether it be sport membership or tuition fees can all be paid using the solution.
The solution can also be integrated with local transport and other systems like locker access, cashless vending, attendance recording, student union membership, sports membership and student voting. The benefits will add to your students overall experience and that can only mean a great NSS result for you.

If you would like to know more about how MonitorIT’s transaction management solution can enhance your students experience please call us on 01494 565666 or email our team solutions@monitorit.co.uk. Alternatively you can watch our short video on the cashless campus by clicking here.
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