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January 2016


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The convenience of single sign on
Friday, 29th January, 2016
Have you come across the term ‘single sign-on’ (SSO)? Are you aware of what it means and what the benefits are? Our blog explains what SSO means, how it can benefit you and how the MonitorIT suite is enhanced due to SSO.

Let's talk credit and debit card transaction costs.
Thursday, 21st January, 2016
Do you know who takes a slice of that pie? And do you want to know how to reduce these costs? Our latest blog discusses this and shows you how MonitorIT can help cut cost with their seamless cashless environment...
The 12th annual National Student Survey opens on 11th January 2016
Monday, 11th January, 2016
Has your university got what it takes to come out on top?
Universities and improving the student experience
Friday, 8th January, 2016
Students today expect institutions to invest in the wider aspects of student life due to the high fees that universities now demand. Our latest blog discusses how the student experience can be improved.
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