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PC Bookings Made Easy

Enabling staff and students to easily book PC time in open access areas or libraries can be a bit of a headache. Paper based booking systems or using spreadsheets are a nightmare to manage and so outdated and some online solutions don’t necessarily live up to their promise!

My Reservations from MonitorIT is a powerful flexible booking and management system designed to control the use and allocation of public access computers. As you’d expect the user experience is at the heart of our reservation system; with easy, intuitive and interactive interfaces where students can make time specific bookings or check for computers that are free immediately or even put themselves in a queue for the next available machine at the location of their choice. Once logged in to their booked computer they are kept aware of usage/time left through on screen notifications and reminders. Students can check and manage their account information, balances and future computer reservations.

Reservation options can be made via a workstation, walk up kiosk or via a web based online booking app. All are designed for high use or public areas, where customers can initiate, create and modify their bookings as well as view detailed location/availability maps.

Staff and students have a number of reservation options to choose from such as:

Walk up booking – at the reservation station the customer can book the next available computer at the location of their choice.

Queue Reservation – When all computers are in use and the customer/student is willing to wait for the next free computer.

Future Reservation – allows students/users to book a computer at a later date/time.

Block Booking – multiple computers can be booked at a later date and time for a group of users/students/staff.

For organisations My Reservation offers a PC booking system that is scalable and easy to install and manage, with minimal administration intervention needed once the initial set up has been completed. Computer allocation and monitoring are automatically managed by the systems policies and any organisation restrictions on computer use are enforced without the need for staff involvement. Admin staffs have the ability to create a new reservation or modify an existing booking and then communicate changes with the user via a messaging service if needed.

Existing infrastructure investments are protected as the solution can be seamlessly integrated with third part library systems or account management systems.

To find out more about My Reservation please watch our video – click here to view
Alternatively you can call us on 01494 565066 and speak to one of our solutions consultants.

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