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Facility, Room and Asset Bookings - It couldn't be simpler.

In a recent blog we looked at the benefits of making PC bookings quick, simple and easy for your staff and students. Having the same options for the booking of facilities and assets would make sense!

By using the same powerful and flexible booking system, My Reservations, this next service level can be easily offered. Staff and students will be able to reserve facilities such as meeting rooms or study areas, performance rooms or gallery space for example as well as be able to book any assets needed, TV’s, projectors or DVD players etc. Customers will be able to book facilities and assets together as one reservation or separately if they only need facilities or only need assets. My Reservation can also handle and allow multiple assets in one booking. Deposits or cancellation fees can be charged dependent on the organisations policies. Where deposits or cancellation fees are levied the funds would be automatically deducted for the customer account using their account managed by MonitorIT transaction management database, SupervisorNet.

As with the PC booking system the user experience is at the heart of the solution with easy, intuitive and interactive interfaces, students or staff will be able to check which facilities or assets are available for immediate use or make future reservations for specific dates/times. Allocations are clearly shown with reservation statuses. At the time of booking a notification request can be set as a reminder or to alert when a room or asset becomes available. Customers can easily see and manage their account information, balances and reservations.

Staff and students have a number of reservation options to choose from:

On demand booking – the customer must check with an administrator for the next available facility or asset required.

Queue reservation – when the required facility or assets are in use and the customer is willing to wait for them to become available.

Future reservation – allows a customer to initiate a reservation to use a facility or asset at a later date and time.

Block booking – allow multiple facilities or assets to be booked at a later time for a group of customers, this is done via an administrator.

For the organisation the solution is easy to install and manage, minimal administrator intervention is needed once set up has been completed. Facility and asset allocation and monitoring are automatically managed by the system, with status and availability easily visible via a graphical view. Administrators have quick access to customer accounts and reservations details. As with all MonitorIT solutions, integration with 3rd party account management systems is simple to achieve. My Reservations is highly customisable and can be branded to reflect the organisations identity using logos and colour themes.

There are four key elements to the solution, My Reservation Administrator, used by admin staff to access the systems configuration and user account information. My Reservation Booking Station, used by customers to create and manage their own bookings. My Reservations Online Booking, a web based version of the booking station and My Reservation Monitor, displays queuing information, where in the queue a customer is to the customer.

To find out more about My Reservation for facilities and assets please download our brochure – click here.

Alternatively you can call us on 01494 565066 and speak to one of our solutions consultants.

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