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Doing cashless vending the right way

Do you have a fleet of vending machines in your organisation? Are you fed up with the security implications of regularly collecting cash from them? Do you want to ensure optimal stock levels at all times to avoid stock outs and lost revenue? And more importantly, do you want to make life easier for your staff and students?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then read on!

Now is the time to optimise your vending services with cashless vending, either as a standalone cashless service or as part of a wider cashless environment. Using a card accepting device (CAD) on your vending machines allows users to pay for vended items with funds held in a central account (such as MonitorIT’s transaction database). Staff and students simply swipe or present their card at the vending machine to pay for their purchases.

The vending CAD supports the MDB protocol used in a wide range of industry standard vending machines and purchases can only be made if there are sufficient funds in the users account.

An online card payment system increases the convenience to users by improving access to, and security of, your vending machines. Another key benefit is that by not relying solely on cash, usage of vending machines can increase. 24 hour vending can be safely offered and additional security can be put in place with users inputting a secondary authentication, such as a PIN number. Vending CADs can be deployed to handle single or multiple vends and the offline capability during network failures offers a resilient service. Additionally cards are protected if lost or stolen, as no value is stored on the card; users can quickly deactivate their cards and have a replacement issued.

The vending CAD uses your Ethernet network to connect to the transactional database, delivering real time transaction and device usage reports. If fixed cabling is not available then we can discuss remote connection options. These reports include the product dispensed, price paid including any discounts and the time of the transaction. The CAD supports the use of a ‘service card’. This card may be swiped at the terminal when it is refilled with product or when reporting on product usage up to that point. The vending usage report will then detail transactions between uses of the ‘service card’. This information assists stock control potentially eliminating stock outs and lost revenue.

If you want to know more about cashless vending please download our brochure or call us on 01494 565066.

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