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Stock management for canteens

Improved stock management adds to productivity of your kitchen, reducing waste and increasing profits. How are you currently controlling stock in your kitchen? Read on to see how Monitor Retail can help...
How are you currently controlling your stock in your food outlets and vending machines? Wouldn’t it be great if your cashless solution helped get your stock levels right? Improved stock management adds to the productivity of your kitchen, reducing waste and increasing profits.

Most canteens have one person responsible for ordering stock, generally the canteen manager and it’s important that this person maintains optimum levels of stock at all times, so there is enough stock to use and sell but without incurring waste. Having your stock levels optimised will reduce the risk of stock piling and allows your food outlets to be earning interest on money in the bank rather than be invested in stock sitting on shelves. It is also important to have as little stock as possible left over by the end of the day/week to prevent spoilage and wastage. To get this right is not an easy job but using solutions like Monitor Retail iPOS system  stock is easily managed making a canteen managers job that little easier and giving them more time to concentrate on nutritional menu choices and recipes.

MonitorIT’s Retail solution not only removes the need for cash at checkout, it can help monitor and track different catering outlets from vended snacks to the popularity of certain meals choices. Stock taking and stock adjustments are simplified and barcodes can be read and printed when needed.

Incentives, loyalty schemes and offers can be supported and put in place quickly and easily. Pre-ordering is supported, giving you an indication of what stock you need and when, meaning  the kitchen can be more organised and customers more satisfied. Monitor Retail’s powerful management reports are also extremely useful and are easily available to help you monitor and improve stock control.

With Monitor Retail you can analyse what products have been purchased, when and where they were bought. This information can help with service improvements that are based on solid information.  Monitor Retail offers other benefits too:
  • Improves speed of service by as much as 80%
  • Saves time on cash reconciliation
  • User allergies can be  identified and flagged at POS to prevent purchase
  • The solution gives a full audit trail of purchases
  • It can assist with free meal management and meal deals
‚ÄčIf you would like to learn more about how going cashless with monitor Retail can help with your stock management click here. Or alternatively call us on 01494 565 066 or email us at solutions@monitorit.co.uk
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