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Improving free meal management with Monitor Retail

Come and see how one college has used Monitor Retial to manage free meals within their establishment.

From September 2014 all educational institutions were required to provide free meals to disadvantaged students age 16 – 19. Institutions would receive funding at a rate equivalent to £2.41 per student per meal taken.

Petroc College has two campuses and were aware of this new legislation and needed a method to record these free meals installed within a short time scale.  They came across MonitorIT’s Supervisor Net software and associated hardware and were confident it would fit their requirements.

The solution
A Supervisor Net base licence plus 5 Mifare enable terminals were purchased and supplied to the college. And as the college already had an MIS (Management Information System) in place it was used to integrate all the students details and free meal entitlements across to the Supervisor Net software.
The solution was installed successfully with the MonitorIT team working closely with Petroc’s project manager and the other key stakeholders at the college.

The outcome
Students who qualify for free meals are now discretely identified and are able to purchase a breakfast, lunch or both via their MonitorIT account.
Each student has two sub accounts within their master account, one for breakfast and one for lunch, depending on their entitlement and all meals are recorded in the colleges MIS system and integrated into Monitor system.
A report is sent to the catering manager and the finance department each week and these reports are used to ensure the college is accurately refunded by the government for all free meals served.

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