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Attendance monitoring

Attendance monitoring and student engagement for universities, colleges and schools
Why it is so important...

In the education sector research has suggested that individuals who attend school/college regularly could be at less risk of getting involved in antisocial behaviour or crime, furthermore schools are required to record absences under a particular category present by the Department of Education. This data is then available to the Education Welfare Service for each pupil. The Department of Education annually receives the overall data for each school so it is important that correct data be returned.

In higher and further education, the Home Office requires institutions, to monitor the attendance of all international students under Tier 4, The Student Attendance and Engagement Policy. All universities are now required, under this legislation, to evidence student attendance and failure to do this can mean the university may face either a suspension or revocation of their Home Office Tier 4 Sponsor licence and Highly Trusted Sponsor Status. Universities also need to ensure good rates of student retention, did you know more than 27,000 undergraduates dropped out of university in 2015? Have you thought about just how much lost revenue that equates to for universities and colleges?

To tackle these social issues and legislation requirements at both school and higher education level many institutions are investing in digital time and attendance systems that automatically record a student’s attendance.

Basic systems allow time management, data collection and tracking but a robust solution should offer the below as well:
  • Record attendance with real time alerts
  • Record contact
  • Meets Tier 4 criteria for overseas students
  • Offer a mobile app for student/organisation communication
  • Provide powerful management dashboards from which quick action can be taken if certain criteria is met
Additionally it should provide:

Reporting - that can be drilled down into to provide insights into a student’s attendance and to inform strategic planning to ensure that student does not drop out.

Timetabling - integrate curriculum planning, timetabling and schedule management tools and can be integrated into a wide range of third party applications.

Improve engagement/attendance - becomes a key tool in your student retention planning, to assist with identifying where students may be experiencing difficulties and ensure that timely and appropriate intervention is quickly delivered and relevant support is provided, which in turn reduces drop-outs.

Reduce administrator/lecturer workload - moving from paper-based registers to an automated system allows registers to be taken quickly and with minimum disruption, no more uploading and analysing spreadsheets, as the data is now available in easy to use reports.

Add to the Student Experience – improve the overall student experience by offering an easy to use mobile app for registrations and student communications.

MontiorIT’s cloud based attendance and engagement monitoring solution offers a powerful, yet easy to use system which is ideal for education organisations. It is simple to install and offers a management tool that can drive and improve student retention. If you would like to hear more about how Monitor Attendance can help please call on 01494 565066 or email solutions@monitorit.co.uk
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