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Online Ordering - Student life made easier

Online or forward ordering is a great addition to a cashless campus solution. Using an intuitive web based application students (and staff) have the ability to order and pay for goods and services such as school/cafeteria meals, uniforms or stationery amongst other things and all using their ID cards and funds held in the MonitorIT transaction database.

This highly configurable and customisable online ordering solution is perfect for any educational environment, offering its users the flexibility to order goods and services from anywhere and at any time.

From a student’s perspective there is a lot of ordering flexibility, they can create custom packages of items that are ordered on a regular basis, review and alter orders right up to the moment they check out. Staff could manage orders for multiple people – so for example a department secretary would be able to order lunches for all the members in her team if needed. Orders can be copied between people. Orders can be copied to other days of the week or across an entire week. Users also have the option to cancel orders so long as it is no later than the order cut off time for a particular day. Users will be able to select between collecting their orders at a specified time or pay a delivery charge to have their orders dropped off to a specified room/location (so long as the organisation supports deliveries). There is a wealth of online help available should it be needed.

For the organisation online ordering provides many benefits including;

  • Enforcing the placing of orders prior to certain times on the current day.
  • The system automates the generation of four print outs and emails these to the relevant staff:
    • Picking list total items for each order so stock on hand can be analysed prior to assembly of individual orders
    • By User Name a list of items each users has ordered sorted by user name
    • By Room a list of items that each user has ordered sorted by room then user
    • Labels a report formatted to be printed to a label containing user/room (if applicable), items and quantities
  • Allows the creation of ‘Standard Packages’ containing popular options bundled together, for example, Tuna Sandwich, plain crisps, yogurt and orange juice.
  • Organisations have the flexibility to restrict how far in advance orders can be placed or defined which days orders can be placed on (so holidays/training days could be excluded).
  • Online ordering gives parents the ability to manage orders for one or multiple children if needed.

If you would like a quick overview of Monitor online ordering click here to watch our video or call us on 01494 565066 and talk to one of our cashless experts.

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