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How well do you know your students and how can you keep them in class?

We show you what you can accomplish by implementing an integrated campus card solution.
In this blog we explore the benefits of having a cashless campus card solution and how it can help with the engagement and attendance of your students.  So let’s see what you can accomplish with implementing an integrated campus card solution…

Let’s take a student and let’s call that student Sarah. Sarah has just starter at your university, she’s a fresher and it’s her first time away from home. Sarah lives in the halls on campus and has already enrolled in her course which is media studies. University life is coming at Sarah faster than she thought and she’s finding it really hard to juggle everything. She’s struggling but unfortunately she’s not sure if anyone is aware of this. I mean, how can they be if Sarah doesn’t say anything?  

So who might be aware of Sarah’s Struggles? Sarah’s academic tutor is one of her first point of contacts when starting on campus but Sarah may only see this point of contact say 30 minutes to an hour each term unless Sarah requests more time with them. She may also see her student services advisor but again only when she asks to see them or when passing.  Sarah will also see her professors in lectures for an hour or so maybe a couple of times each week; along with hundreds of other students and only if she attends their lecture. Sarah may also come across the university’s student welfare officer but again only if Sarah requests to see them and by this time Sarah may have been struggling for some time and may already have made the decision to leave… The only other contact Sarah may have, and hopefully an unlikely event, is the student or campus counsellor. But even then that might only be for an hour each week and that’s if Sarah keeps her appointments. With busy schedules and social calendars, even the students Sarah lives with aren’t guaranteed to see here regularly unless she makes the effort. The reality is that Sarah’s connections at University, however numerous they may seem, only see a small fraction of her day unless Sarah requests more time with these connections, but until then she’s on her own.

But Sarah’s cashless campus card, or ID card, knows her well, very well. It sees where she goes, at what time and how she spends her day while on campus. Every time Sarah swipes her ID card to get into her halls, visit the library, taps the attendance reader in class, goes to the on campus gym, buys a coffee at the campus coffee shop. Every time Sarah buys a chocolate bar in the library vending machine, or enters an on campus canteen, her ID card or cashless campus card is plotting data points that illustrate the picture of her day. It is this data which helps you better support your students. So as a university when Sarah does hit a rough patch the data collected by Sarah’s ID card should show you this. With the card documenting everything you can see how engaged a student is with university and campus life. The data can be used to create alerts for the appropriate campus personnel, so that timely and appropriate intervention can be quickly delivered and relevant support provided.

By being able to see patterns of what a student is up to around campus such as timely access to halls, regular canteen visits, morning coffee purchases prior to lectures and consistent attendance you can easily see how successful that student is being on campus and so how engaged they are. Likewise, you can also see a pattern of students who are struggling such as not attending lectures, being in their halls for long periods of time, not visiting the library regularly and basically not engaging with campus life. With these patterns emerging from the data collected it’s safe to say that these students maybe more likely-to-drop out. By adopting a cashless campus card solution, such as MonitorIT’s, you are already taking the step to improve student engagement and reducing drop-out rates.

MonitorIT’s solution has many applications to improve retention and the wider student experience but with their attendance and engagement solution the benefits and features have been created specifically for the higher education sector. The solution is easy to install and use and cuts down on managing data held in various places.

By examining your students ID card/campus card patterns you can spot the downward spiral of physical or mental well-being of that student. You can then better identify, and prevent poor academic performance and dropouts.

If you are looking for a solution to help you support and nurture your students give us a call on 01494 565066 or email us at solutions@monitorit.co.uk or click here to learn more about our attendance and engagement solution
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