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Make your ID card do more

How much more can you get from your ID card? In our latest blog we discuss how much more it can do for you and show you its full potential when using MonitorIT's transaction management solution.
Identification card – Noun - a card giving identifying data about a person, such as full name, address, age and often containing a photograph: for use as identification at a place of employment, school, club, etc.

What do you currently do with your ID cards, gain access, pay for print and copy? In most organisations staff and/or students carry ID cards, these cards may be designed with your school colours, business branding/logos and can be used for access to your building(s) and other things too, but are you aware of just how versatile this little bit of plastic can be?

Would’t it be wonderful if your identifier could manage everything staff or students need to do during their day? And would’t it be great if all you needed was one solution to achieve this?

At MonitorIT we live by the ‘one ID, one account, one solution’ philosophy and believe that an ID card can be used for much more than you originally thought. With most ID solutions you are issued with a durable ID card that:
  • Controls access to facilities and areas
  • Controls print management and payment for such things
  • And sometimes allows you to pay for catering
As you can see, MonitorIT’s multi-application ID solution offers many more ways to make your ID cards work harder for you:
  • Print and copy control             
  • Student membership
  • Attendance recording             
  • Visitor and contractor management
  • Student voting                        
  • Cashless vending
  • Identity assurance                  
  • Cashless catering
  • Laundry vending                     
  • Local transport
  • Guard patrol                            
  • Locker access
  • Library access and books        
  • Ticket and events payments service
  • Sports membership                
  • Examine validation
  • On & off campus purchases   
  • Facility and asset booking
  • PC booking                              
  • Physical access
  • Bursary distribution              
  • Payment of fines and fees
You can see just how versatile your ID cards can be. Using a solution that utilises these cards creates a system that increases staff/student satisfaction, is much more convenient and helps your organisation to run smoothly. Using ID card technology also simplifies administration, provides significant savings in operational costs, and maximises existing infrastructure investments (we all appreciate that it is easier to integrate than pay for yet another new system).

So that little bit of plastic will:
  • Improve Security,
  • Cuts admin time and costs
  • Reduces waste
  • Eliminates cash handling,
  • It can be used with an existing card system (for example library system),
  • Allows card holders to have effective budget management
  • Staff minimise their involvement in high-volume, low-cost transactions
  • Fewer EMV merchant terminals are needed, reducing POS and transaction costs
  • Supports the green agenda – cash uses up natural resources
  • Discounts, rewards and pre-loaded credits offer a way to incentivise users
  • No need to worry about being near a working ATM to access funds
  • Uses a closed loop system which keeps funds within the organisation
With MonitorIT’s transaction management solution you really can make your ID card do more. To find out more visit the solutions section on our website and discover how that little bit of plastic and MonitorIT can help you in the future.

Or if you’d like to talk to us please call our solutions experts on 01494 565 0600 or email solutions@monitorit.co.uk
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