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How clean is the money in your canteen?

How you ever wondered how unhygienic handling cash can be for your canteen? In this article we discuss this and how, by going cashless, your canteen is a more hygienic place.
Cash is dirty, which is a particular worry in food service settings such as canteens. Here are some interesting facts about cash that you may not know:-
  • A study found that two thirds of people think handling money is unhygienic but only 1 in 5 Europeans wash their hands after handling money.
  • Did you know that the average banknote has around 26,000 bacteria living on it?
  • Did you also know that more germs can be found on a £1 coin than on a cleaned toilet seat?
It might be a matter of opinion as to whether cash is sticking around but cash is definitely dirty and could be harmful to health. This just goes to show that cash really is unhygienic and canteens would be 100% healthier without it.

We may recognise that money collects germs, but we do not connect disease or illness to the handling of it. Isn’t it time to address this and move towards more hygienic, none cash payments? Surely people would much prefer this instead of handling germ-ridden notes and coins.

We have always been aware of the link between money and hygiene, there have been many studies that have proven, beyond doubt, that bank notes and coins carry bacteria.  In the past, there have even been reports that villagers believed money was somehow connected to the spread of the plague. Villagers would leave money in water troughs filled with vinegar in order to decontaminate it. With all this in mind isn’t it time you thought about making the move to a cashless workplace?

With the news of old £50 banknotes being withdrawn and the announcement that we’ll be using polymer bank notes in the near future making cash more expensive for the retailer it really does look like it’s the right time to go cashless.

MonitorIT’s cashless iPOS system has many features, is easy to use and does not require the need for dirty cash.

The POS terminals are all touch screen and are very easy to keep clean and germ free and can be tailored to your canteens specific requirements. The cashless system will also handle free meal quotas, supports food allergies and reward schemes. Service times improve considerably when no cash is involved. The system can not only be used in canteens but other places too such as libraries, campus shops and anywhere else you require a cashless POS system.

The key benefits of using Monitor Retail are:
  • Reduces the spread of germs and bacteria in food outlets
  • Improves speed of service
  • Improves security as less cash handled
  • Accommodates free meals, reward schemes and food allergies
  • Improves stock management and reconciliation.
Find out how Monitor Retail can help you go cashless – Click here. Or if you prefer to speak to one of our team then why not call us on 01494 565066 or email solutions@monitorIT.co.uk
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