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SupervisorNet – a technical look

MonitorIT's powerful SupervisorNet software, the core element to your cashless solution
SupervisorNet is a transaction management system. With that in mind, it’s been built from the ground up to be an accounting system, and so the database is structured in a generic fashion to accommodate different systems interacting with it.
Users are identified by a “primary number” – think of this like a bank account number. Users can have multiple bank accounts in real life, and so they can also do the same in SupervisorNet.
Usually, a user with multiple accounts will use each one for different purposes – such as meals, printing, laundry or any other sale where it may be useful to keep money in separate pots.
In these cases, account numbers will be a fixed length and all start with the same value but are tagged with a different suffix which is applied to each to ensure each account has a unique number and identify the account as being used for a specific purpose.
To link multiple accounts to the same user, the system relies on a “User ID” which would be common across accounts for the same user and allows the system to lookup multiple accounts for an individual – this is useful for managing accounts in My Monitor.
As well as individual accounts, shared accounts can also be configured (such as for departmental budgets) which are accessible to different people. These work in much the same way as an individual account, whereby each has a unique number, except they are accessible by more than one person and can be used for various uses.
When working with the system , it can be confusing performing transactions for a user when you need to identify them by an account number. Often this number will be unique to SupervisorNet, though the card number is often used which does simplify things somewhat as this will often be known outside of the SupervisorNet system. Fortunately, having the User ID populated will help in many ways – searching for users (by a username, or staff/student number) just in the management tools, but also when it comes to doing any integration work. There are methods available to obtain user details by their ID instead of their primary account number, and usually the User ID will span multiple systems and can be a useful means of tying disparate systems together.
When it comes to integrating, SupervisorNet has a powerful API based on a SOAP interface. SOAP is a secure means of exchanging data with an external system and the data format is XML, meaning it can be understood by different systems and works across different programming languages.
The interface is not publicly accessible, but documentation does exist for those who wish to write their own interfaces and you can contact us for more information. Often there is a licensing cost for utilising the API, and a key will need to be provided in order to communicate with the system.
Over the years SupervisorNet has evolved to make use of the latest development technologies. The database makes use of Microsoft SQL Server, and all settings are contained within the database making it portable and simple to backup. Many of the systems components are written in .NET and rely on the framework, along with Microsoft IIS Web Server, to deliver the solution. Installation can be complex, and configuration even more-so, but this gives a high level of control and once configured will deliver a solution that can be tailored to meet the exact requirements of each customer.
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