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'Fit and forget' Technology for your Cashless Campus.

We’ve all heard of “Plug and Play” where you plug it in and it works. Well now there’s “Fit and Forget”. Where something is installed and you don’t even know it’s there because you hardly ever have to look at it or need support calls with the supplier.

The expertise of our technical staff means we come along and get everything installed and the reliability of our software and hardware solutions means you hardly know it’s there. Our integration expertise means we can automate and synchronise database population in the background. You’ll forget it’s even there. But of course, you will know it’s there because before it was installed you had to manage multiple solutions, multiple databases, unreliable hardware, but now with the MonitorIT's transaction management solution you’ll have more time on your hands to get on with all those other tasks you never had time to do in the past. You’ll know it’s there because your support desk wont’ be inundated with student queries. Transaction times at Points of Sale will be reduced meaning students spend less time queuing and more time doing.

It’s not just about the products and services but also the reliability and security of the underlying technology and structure that the whole solution is built on.

With the MonitorIT's transaction engine and the SupervisorNet suite of products built around MSSQL Server as the back end transaction engine you know you are in safe hands, a secure and robust database structure to fit any organisation size. Strength and flexibility is key to any modular transaction management system and with regular updates and new features and fixes providing trust in both product and supplier.

Everything happens in real time giving accurate data when you want and need it. Supporting web based application software designed around already proven developer platforms means extracting and interacting with data from the transaction engine is simple and effective. No need to be a programmer to query tables, just run a report when you need it. Or even have it scheduled to email you at a time that suits you.

And if you are concerned about the integrity of the data transmitting on your network, full end to end encryption means it is safe from the smartest network snoopers.

Simplicity is key without compromising security.

If you would like to know more about how our “fit and forget” philosophy and how our staff and products can help then why not call us on 01494 565066 and speak to one of our specialists about how we can start your journey to a truly cashless campus!

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