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A day in the life of a cashless campus student

You’ve probably heard us mention that we can make your campus cashless and you’re probably thinking ‘yeah right’ but using MonitorIT’s powerful SupervisorNet software and hardware we really can make this happen.

The MonitorIT software suite is split over 5 sections/modules

• Monitor Core which is the core transaction modules
• Monitor Retail which includes iPOS, online ordering and cashless vending
• Monitor Print which includes print pop ups, accounting, rules copy, fax and scanning and much more
• Monitor Booking which includes computer, facilities and asset booking and all that is involved.
• Monitor Laundry which includes laundry, kiosks and controllers

The great thing about MonitorIT’s solution is that you can have as little or as much of it as you would like or need. The solution will also protect past investments as MonitorIT will integrate with most other solutions/databases.

However I thought it would be a good idea to show you exactly what MonitorIT would look like on your campus if all 5 core modules were installed; giving you an idea of what a cashless campus really would be like.

So, meet Todd, he’s a student at a university in the north of England and he's loving uni life. The university that Todd attends is a fully cashless campus. Let’s see what a typical day is like for Todd:-

Todd resides at the student halls of residence 3 miles from campus. He rises around 8am, grabs some breakfast and runs for the bus, once on the bus he swipes his MoniorIT smartcard. This allows him to travel to university using public transport as MonitorIT have integrated with the local transport system so his MonitorIT smartcard can be used just like an oyster card.

Todd arrives on campus and swipes his MonitorIT smartcard through the turnstiles at the entrance around 8.45am and begins his day on campus; His first and only lecture today is not until 9.30am so he nips to grab some refreshments for his 2 hour lecture before it starts, a can of pop and a chocolate bar are purchased from a vending machine in the campus hall way, again all with the swipe of his MonitorIT smartcard against the vending machine, no cash needed.

The lecture is about to start so Todd swipes into the lecture theater with his MonitorIT smartcard to show he has attended (extremely useful for use with foreign students). He enjoys the lecture whilst sipping and nibbling on his vended items.

Its lunchtime! Todd makes his way to the campus canteen to meet his mates from the university rugby team. Todd decides on a healthy lunch today as he’s been looking at his recent purchases on his ‘My Monitor’ web portal and he’s not been eating too well. Todd decides on a jacket potato with cheese and salad, he gets to the till point and the operator swipes his MonitorIT smartcard to pay. He goes to meet his mates and they discuss tactics for their next match.

After lunch Todd heads over to the library to collect a university camera he’s using for a project. He just needs to swipe his MonitorIT smartcard and collect the camera as he reserved the asset on MonitorIT's ‘My reservations’ the night before from his room. He swipes his MonitorIT smartcard to enter the library and collects the camera he’s reserved. As he’s in the library Todd decides he might as well get that essay printed off he needs to hand in and also get his recent library fine paid while he is there. He nips over to a multifunctional device, swipes his Monitor IT smartcard and his essay is released. He then goes over to one of the MonitorIT touchscreen kiosks, swipes his MonitorIT smartcard and pays his library fine using the kiosk.

Todd's day is done on campus so he gets ready to get the bus back to his halls, but before he goes he nips into the university shop and purchases refreshment for his journey, again using a swipe of his MonitorIT smartcard for payment, and off to the bus stop he goes.

Todd’s back in his room and starts getting his stuff together for the rugby match he’s got tonight. He notices his kit is not clean but doesn’t waste any time getting it sorted out. He gets on his laptop and accesses MonitoIT’s Laundry Monitor solution to see if a washer/dryer is available for him and there is one available. Yes! He grabs his washing and heads down to the laundry room. He goes to the free machine, swipes his MonitorIT smartcard, opens the door and gets his washing under way. He then nips back to his halls to eat some dinner while all the time keeping track of his washing cycle on the MonitorIT Laundry web portal. 5.45pm and it’s finished!

Todd collects his kit from the laundry room and heads over to the university sports hall. He swipes his MonitorIT smartcard to enter the sports facility and goes to meet his team in the locker room. Todd gets his kit on and looks for an empty locker, as he didn’t reserve one to store his clothing while he plays his match. He finds an empty locker, pops his belongings in and then swipes his MonitorIT smartcard to lock the locker. They win, 12 to 25!

The team go for a few drinks in the university bar to celebrate; Todd buys in a round for his great team and pays by handing his MonitotIT smartcard to the barman, the barman swipes the card for payment at the student union tills.

Todd gets home around 11pm, finishes off that chocolate bar he hadn’t finished from his lecture that morning and dumps his dirty kit on the floor, does a little internet browsing, then tops up his ‘My Monitor’ account and also while on there pays his sports subs for that week and reserves one of the Mac computers in the library for tomorrow using MonitorIT’s Reservations web portal.

All in all a successful day, great lecture, great match and a few beers with the lads. And all made very easy and convenient with the use of his MonitoIT smartcard.

A student is responsible for having their ID card with them at all times whilst on all campuses so why not utilise that little card and make your campus a cashless one with MonitorIT and give your students the best experience!

My Monitor really is the future for a truly cashless environment and happy students. Why not call us on 01494 565066 and speak to one of our specialists about how we can start your journey to a truly cashless campus! Or watch our video to see how MonitorIT creates a true Cashless Campus.

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