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Why Choose MonitorIT?

Unlike other cashless systems, Monitor is able to deliver a true campus wide cashless environment. So whether we’re talking catering, retail, print and copy, laundry, online ordering, fees and fines, trips and events, facility reservation, the Monitor suite delivers a single platform accommodating spend in all areas.

Users and the organisation benefit from a common payment form across all areas meaning no longer will you have funds held across different systems.

Simple, effective, easy.


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Cashless Platform


Single cashless platform

All on campus spend can be managed through one platform. This could be one account for all spending or you may choose to have sub accounts for each area. Regardless, your users will manage all balances on one platform which can be accessed online, by mobile web app or at a self-service kiosk. Users or their parents can add value to their accounts through various means with options such as ‘auto-pay’ making the process easy.


Cashless Platform
One Identity

One Identity

Integrate with a common ID

Users simply present their ID at the point of sale to make a payment from their Monitor account. This could be a till, an MFD, in the laundrette, a vending machine or a kiosk. We integrate with your existing ID system – typically an ID card but this could also be a mobile ID. For online purchases and reservations, we can integrate with the organisation’s sign in method with SSO options available. No longer do users have to carry multiple cards nor do they need to think about which payment methods are accepted where.

Common Experience

A common experience across all points of sale

Whilst users are familiar with using credit and debit cards to make in person and online purchases, the technology supporting these payment types cannot be accommodated across all points of sale. A credit or debit card cannot be used to pay for print and copy or laundry at the point of sale. Monitor provides a consistent method of payment across all touch points.


Common Experience
Hybrid Model

Hybrid Model

Not just cashless, a hybrid model accepting
cash, cashless, credits or quota

Eliminating cash in one fell swoop is an unachievable task for most organisations. That’s why at Monitor IT, we’re able to offer a hybrid system allowing users to pay using their ID card, cash or debit and credit card. We even have the ability to provide individual ‘free’ quota/credit or departmental budgets that can be distributed automatically based on criteria you set.

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Modular Options

Ability to opt for a full cashless solution or choose individual modules

Going completely cashless can be a huge task. Think about all the different areas users are making transactions. At Monitor IT, we allow our clients to go ‘big bang’ or choose individual modules as and when required. Choose from a range of modules including:

Monitor Retail
Monitor Print
Monitor Booking
Monitor Laundry

Modular Options


Bring all your systems together

Monitor has the ability to integrate with 3rd party modules so if you already have a cashless system in your catering area, for example, we can integrate, allowing payment from a user’s Monitor balance. This helps protect existing investments and whilst still providing users with a common payment experience across all areas.
Other areas Monitor IT specialise in include:

  • Attendance recording and retention
  • ID cards and ID card production
  • Visitor management
  • Access Control


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